Telegraph: "Army Facing Huge Cuts After Withdrawal From Afghanistan"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by soleil, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. bugger! April going to be fun!
  2. Is this really a surprise to anyone? The implication of 'we cannot cut the army while we're in Afghanistan' has always been so glaring as to be unmissable.
  3. Shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone. It's been the plan all along. They'd have finished the job in the 90's had it not been for those pesky 'Labourites'. The Tories have never been any friend of the Forces, but hey...a good number of you voted for them, so if you get fucked over by them, just made your bed, etc, etc.
  4. So them in charge can confirm that the current revolutions happening in the Middle East and North Africa will all end in peace with no chance of any lunatics in charge of any of the countries or any other problems kicking off in the near future? :)
  5. Don't you go kicking off any 'theories' now.
  6. Well now, what can I say ?

    Do a resettlement course to start training as an accountant. Carry on until you qualify.

    That way you will rule the world and oversee the reduction of the UK armed forced from their current stretched state to a ceremonial toy army for tourism purposes only.

    Good job well done dear accountants !!!

    Am I sounding less than happy ?
  7. And Biscuits - we may have voted for them but can you offer any other party that would do differently ?

    "Sod cutting the excess - cut the big numbers and make a mark." A fairly uniform attitude I venture to suggest.

    That is my impression at least !
  8. Well that's great considering our ring fenced aid contributions to the third world.
  9. What the average serviceman is to compete for work against other ex serviceman, however resettlement is the most badly run part of the forces, a day after a large bank is revealed to weasel out of corporation tax, which if taxed correctly would have paid for those leaving.

    The real punchline is if that anything major did kick off you can be recalled instantly to fight, and there is bugger all you can do about it.

  10. Not strictly true, there were mumblings about recalling me for GW1 but I was unavailable and elsewhere.
  11. I thought the whole point of voting for them was that they were going to do things differently? If we have two identikit main parties in the UK, how can we seriously present ourselves as a democracy? If changing the leadership of the nation doesn't change the policies, then our political system has no more means of getting genuine accountability into government than having the X Factor on telly does.
  12. When is the next election? surely that would be bad timing! ah well the public gets what the public wants,politicians always have lied and alwaysw will!
  13. Sack everyone in the army get civil servants to run the Brigades during peace time, and Just have a massive pool of reservists.
    Do we really need to pay a Lt Col's wage for 6 years if he only commands men on the ground for 2 years? and only deploys for seven months?

    We could pay a civil servant for 5 years and 5 Months to do all his staff jobs at vastly less cost, and then just promote a TA Major to take over "war fighting" responsibilities when its his turn to go. In fact, with Afghanistan being a Junior commanders war, jsut put the cut off on the commanders at Major and get everyone to file their reports back to the BHQ via a phone line to the UK.
  14. Can I point out that this story is "according to one senior defence source" (I wonder if thats the same as the red tops "sources" being close to Jordan, Katona etc?)
    The rest of the story seems to hinge on what cuts we already know about followed by some bollocks about the 1820s and a few quotes from various people who have been roped into the Telegraphs story.