Telegraph - Alive and kicking - Headley Court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Big illustrated feature in today's Telegraph magazine about DMRC Headley Court. Plenty human interest, background about BLESMA; even our friends the NIMBYs get a passing mention!

    Full illustrated feature at LINK.
  2. Top article, humbled by their resolve.

    The cynic in me hopes that this is not another attempt at spin and this level of treatment is available to all injured service personnel.

    Back to the thread, excellent article highlighting to the proletariate the sacrifices these men have made in service of their country.
  3. wow. the morale they guys still have astonishes me.

    it's so good to hear of them getting on with their lives and not letting it stop them from living.

    up-most respect to them all.
  4. This Government has a responsibility to care for service personal and i hope that this article is just spun to keep the public happy
  5. I and other members of Blue Team had the honour to meet Capt Peter Norton GC and other 'Headley Court Irregulars' and whilst I've no doubt that they all have their low days, their courage, humour and determination was evident. If the government could generate even 1% of the determination of these guys to rehabilitate them and give them the financial support to ensure that they had the best prosthetics and any other equipment that they need, then it would be a step in the right direction.

    My hat is off to everyone in treatment at HC and their families - triumph over adversity should be HC's motto!
  6. Say what? :?
  7. The typists award was to cover her very substantial legal costs. The actual figure was much much smaller. Its another story that is dragged out, but isn't an accurate comparison.
  8. The article makes impressive reading, and makes one feel very humble.

    Good luck to them all, they are so resolute.
  9. Awesome stuff, in the proper sense of the word. Utterly humbling.