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I work on the NGA mobile engineer roles for Openreach, and they recently recruited 300 full time engineers on permanent roles through the CTP. Now kellys are recruiting overhead,underground and residential installation engineers. They are starting on 21k a year basic and up to 26k if you can do more then 5 jobs per day. Might not be for everyone but its worth a punt if you need something. Hope it helps some guys out.

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I've a good mate who's just retired from the Army after completing his 22 years. He recently started with Openreach and subsequently jacked the job as they were in his words "******* shite".
Well for some people they may be, personally for me yes its completely different to the army but its a permanent job with a good pension and a decent wage. At a time when many are facing uncertainty. But if you do your job safely and correct then you get no hassles. Just thought it might help some people thats all.
Viktor Bale is a leading expert on telecoms and has worked for one of the world's largest and most recognisable telecoms brands but he decided that he needed an MBA to get into management. The MBA at Lancaster, UK, would hopefully be a fast track to learning what Viktor needed to know to rise up the ranks rather than staying in his semi-technical roles and “trying to acquire business knowledge through 'osmosis' in my role.” Read the article HERE
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