Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bootneck01, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Been in the marines 8 yrs now and considering getting out and very intrested in the telecomms side of things, i have been on the quest magazine website doing some research but there seem to be so many different courses to chose from, so just wondering has anyone done this starting from scratch with no experience what so ever to work for a telecomms company, and what kind of propects can it offer ???
    Anyhelp would be welcomed
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Hiya, use to be in the Signals, Comms is a big world. Civi street is full of people with IT quals which they've passed from doing a crammer course, this is different from the Comms side of live where practical experience is essential.

    The one bit of advice I can give is find out whats in demand by looking at job sites and try to get a qual in that field. You need to specialise. Find out which companies to avoid for resettlement and try to speak to some Comms companies, find out what they're looking for at the moment. Research is the way ahead!

    Edit to add: Prospects are ok, you can be employed by a company or contract. Contract is more money but less job security. The sector is over saturated at the mo so companies can be chosey.
  3. Open university CCNA could be a good start.
  4. If you decide to go into installations/cabling dont focus too hard on fibre optics. Its a nice to have when theres work. Concentrate on the copper side, thats both voice infrastructure and structured cabling.

    Look for the city and guilds 3666 qual. Will cost you but will put you on the right foot to be a comms technician.
  5. Old bloke makes the good point of doing CCNA through the OU. I am doing it as part of a module towards BSc(Hons) degree in Information and Communications Technologies. The details of this and lots of other silmilar courses can be found HERE

    Speak to your education staff and use your Enhanced Learning Credits to help pay for it.

    Please PM me if you need any more details.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

    Kind Regards

  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Need login details! Would it be possible to copy and paste the details as am interested in something along these lines?
  7. Sorry, Cow! Try THIS

  8. What area do you want to concentrate in? Installation? Switching? Transmission? Project management? Field Technician?

    There is a lot of work out there at the moment. A lot of the big projects use contractors. Network Rail are always looking for technicians - they have huge telecomms projects underway. They recruit alot from the Forces and offer good training. BT are similar. Also try companies like Telent - they also have a lot of ex Mil folk in there too.

    I know a lot of blokes who have used the above and I have done a CCNA with them.

    Highly recommended for any IT qualifications you want to do, you pay about a third (thats everything) of what you would in the UK and you can get a good piss up in if you goto their Goa training centre.

    If you get 2 weeks free I would just jump on a plane and do it mate.....dont bother messing around with the OU, will take months and you will be self studying most of it.

    A lot of ex 30 sigs guys are doing a CTTS course for resettlements, its a general telecoms course focusing on fibre from what I have been told about it.

    XL Rigging is a big player if you want to go down the telecoms rigging side of life. Lads have had no trouble picking up rigging jobs after doing it.
  10. Plenty of work but bare in mind a few compaines have let quite a few people go recently so there is a few people on the market best bet is get CCNA or IP telephony course done also if your security cleared a few more jobs open to you what do you want to do work wise?
  11. the future for telcos is possibly as follows ( a couple of buzz words thrown in but very important)

    VOIP (cisco ccna ccnp ccvp ccsp)(CCSP security fire walls etc) also OSPF, RIP IGRP, MPLS ISIS BGP spanning tree etc

    RF (3G - 4G) radio planning (TDMA, CDMA FDMA,OFDM etc) and modulation techniques QPSK, TCM QAM

    Coax, fibre PTP or microwave radio ( core network stuff ) back haul PDH, SDH, R4, IP,ATM, packet and circuit switching, DWDM

    if you can do a radio access courses as well as a cisco course you will understand a lot more in telcos and how its been shaped for the future

    companies that do training
    wimax etc
  12. bootneck01 check your private messages
  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you are looking at resettlement courses the absolutely best place to look is Cablenet

    Cablenet Resettlement Training

    They do the courses in all aspects but mainly the physical side of life, copper fibre etc, have been going for years and I think are ex RSigs (so my ex RSigs mate tells me)

    Also have a serious look at BICSI, its a telecommunications infrastructure professional group. Although they have a lower profile in the UK than City and Guilds but lots of the consultants are now starting to specify that project managers/designers have the RCDD qualification and installers have the BISCI ITS Installer or Technician

    RCDD is seriously difficult to obtain, not really for a novice but the lower qualis are accessible

    Cablenet manage most of the BICSI training in the UK along with a few others (Brand Rex I think)

    Its been a while since I was in the network industry but still have a few contacts dotted around, PM me if you need any other advice or contacts etc
  14. Watch our with cablenet had an interview with a firm the other month snr sales engineer who interviewed me mentioned that Cablenet were almost ready to go bust
  15. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Could be, like I said it been years since I was involved but there was talk of Cablenets problems when I was still in that industry 4 or 5 years ago but they seem to be still soldiering on.

    As long as you get recognised qualis like City and Guilds or BICSI then the status of the provider doesn't really matter.

    I guess its a case of buyer beware