Telecomms jobs, anybody know?

Ive been in the army now for coming up 5 years now and have been an installation tech in the Signals.

Ive served in a couple of operational theatres and am due out to Iraq soon.

I should be due on my Class 1 soon, which im going to hold out for, but after the minimum service period after my Class 1 im thinking of calling it a day. I know all the advantages about staying in, but i just feel like i should get out while im still young.

Ive looked at things such as apprentiships with BT and also contract work. Contract work seems like i could work out, but due to the unreliability of work, i would prefer a full time job.

Ive registered my CV on a few websites and its not been too fruitful. Anybody have any ideas about what i could do to expand my career options or what i can do to try and find a half decent job on getting out?
There are plenty of jobs out there and lots of money to be made. Don't think that contracting is un-reliable work, the good times offset the bad. I've just signed a year long contract!

What strikes me about your post is that you're un-certain about actually leaving. Are you looking to leave? Have you signed off yet?

If you're serious about getting out then let me know (via PM) and I'll point you in the right direction.

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