Just had a call from a chap claiming to be from Virgin Media trying to flog me an adapter to plug in to the modem to get free calls. Sounds good only costs £6.99 and you get free uk calls and two over seas numbers totaly free and they can be mobiles sounds good me thinks i can phone the boy up on ops save him some dosh. Trouble is its not Virgin i only found out when i asked him about call plans and he started to get anti even more so when I said that his English was not up to par needless to say the conversation went very down hill from there i got most upset when he called me an english prick.When i got off the phone i rang Virgin to vent my frustration on them thank god i god a UK call Centre Virgin are not doing any offers on internet phones they say some one is running a scam and using Virgins name so guys beware. Scary thing is the twat new my call plan details etc needless to say i got Virgin to change every thing. :x :x :x
Similar episode happened to me this evening; difference was I am with Sky,however this tw*t knew what package I had,etc. He said he was from Sky until I started asking him questions and, surprise surprise, he hung up. Incidentaly, his command of English was shite as well!
Get yourself, and your mobile number on the TPS: said:
The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the central opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls to your home or mobile telephone numbers. It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so.
Next time you get a friendly chap ringing you up, knowing far too much about you and trying to sell you something, say "I'm on the TPS and you are calling me illegally" and hang up.
I've only had a couple of calls since, both times i got as many details as i could about the caller and emailed the TPS with them, although I haven't received a response as yet.


EDIT for grammartime
SS, Good advice mate. I`ve been on the aforementioned site and signed up. Cheers!
longlivethequeen said:
just done the same time for another pimms to calm me down and sort out my grammer LOL

Spot the difference.....

All companies pass information between each other... it has always happened.
GT2001 said:
longlivethequeen said:
just done the same time for another pimms to calm me down and sort out my grammer LOL

Spot the difference.....
If we're going to be pedantic...

"I have just done the same. Time for another Pimms to calm me down and sort out my grammar!"
going to point you in the direction of a book heere <----- Grammar time i know.

The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick ex hacker and former member of the 10 most wanted list in America, the book will teach you all you need to know about the little buggers.
The TPS doesn't cover calls from overseas call centres, only calls made in the UK, so it won't help you that much.

I usually tell any callers that I make it a policy of never buying anything from a person unless I have instigated the call, and never discussing any financial matters or anything related to my household on the phone. Either put it in writing or go away. Then I put the phone down.

Don't get many unsolicited calls nowadays.
Personally I think the TV advert (can't remember what it's about) where the lady of the house after answering an unsolicited call, places a musical toy next to the phone then goes away and makes a cuppa, returning occasionally to tell the caller " your call is valued please continue to hold .........classic.
I've posted this on the Technology forum but thought I'd post it here so I could let rip.

Just had "Alan" from "Microsoft Windows" on the phone - again - telling me my PC is infected with viruses but not to worry, he can help me fix it. What a nice chap.

Not THAT nice though. Despite me asking him several times if he'd like to come and suck my cock, he - eventually - declined and hung up. Shame, I thought we were building quite a rapport.

The fucking disgusting little Indian CUNT. He'd be better off arranging for those CUNTS in Pakistan to be nuked than ringing me up and wasting my time. Much as I enjoyed winding the disgusting little turd world CUNT up that is. Do these thick CUNTS ever get any takers for their CUNTish scam? The CUNTS.

...and relax...
I get calls from 'Virgin Media' occasionally and they usually start by asking me to confirm my personal details with them. I simply say "But you just rang me on the number that you supply to me!" "Why don't you prove who you are by telling me what details you have on record for me?"
They usually hang up at this stage. I never pass on any details over the phone unless I have rung them up and never, ever, buy anything over the phone.
Same with the double glazing (which we already have). I just tell the salesman I'm a joiner and I fit double glazing for a living. If it's insurance I tell them the wife works for an insurance broker and we do all our business through them. None of them have an answer for this kind of defence.
Walked past some sharply dressed young lad in one of those temporary booths in the town centre arcade the other day and he asks me if I'm interested in a Sky package. "I've already got a Sky package mate, but thanks for asking." End of discussion ;-)
Once you are sure it is one of the scammers it can be fun to let loose the "inner barsteward" I advised a mate to be as racist as she liked and really let fly the next time she got a 'Microsoft call' from an indian gentleman. Another mate just uses the line "oh thats interesting this is the fraud squad give me your number and I will get our IT guy to call you back" as long as he doesn't mention old bill he is clear and not impersonating the real deal. He still doesn't understand it when I call call him a walt tho :biggrin:
How many times do I have to tell you? Consuela is your answer.


Book Reviewer
So you people answer your own telephones? Wow. The life experience of poor people is a constant source of fascination to me.
I usually start replying to them in Hindi, Farsi or in a Geordie accent. They always hang up cos no-one wants to speak to a Hamilton or one of those northern twats.
The "unavailable" number that phoned me at 2030hrs last night got a "WHAAAAT? Fuck off."

I don't think they were English though, so it probably doesn't matter.

Half eight on a Friday night? Corrie was on. The cheeky buggers.
We keep getting those cunts calling about a virus in our laptop. So now we just put them on hold (put the phone down on the table with the fireman Sam theme tune on repeat) and go back every few minutes and tell them to hol on just a minute more. Then take bets on how long they'll stay on the line. The wife got one to stay on for 20 minutes yesterday.

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