Tele Mech - recent history?

The thread about roles in the TA thread got me thinking - what happened to the role of Tele Mech?

I see elements of it in a few newer roles, but would appreciate it if anyone who lived through it could give me the low-down please.

And chaps - no need for references to growing poles or digging graves. :D
Thanks - straight from one to the other? How did they manage the change - just via B1 courses or upgrades?

Also...."Tech"! A proper T trade, stripe right out of trade training or just a name?
At the time the class 3 course was brought inline with the Sys Eng Tech, same maths modules etc The course was extended to include Clansmen and Ptarmigen the idea being they could work along side Techs in the workshops with 1st/2nd line maint. The rest converted through their class 1 course or came back for a shorter conversion course. You could hear the whinges for miles!

They left training as signallers which upset many as the course was as long as other baby tech courses. Initially on low band they were moved to high band after JSET survey.

In the end the Inst Tech conversion failed through lack of support or knowledge from the TOT and Ops side (wtf do I do with an Inst Tech?). The tech modules were removed and the class 3 /1 courses returned to traditional mech subjects (voice and data).

The Inst Techs who by now were fed up of sweeping garages and being guard cdr were removed from the Divs and brigaded under a Sqn in 10SR where they now enjoy living out of sleeping bags and racking up medals.

As more and more networks are outsourced to DFTS and friends their main role now is expeditionary, oh and saving DII from complete and utter failure.

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