Tel Aviv suicide blast kills six

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Apparently being claimed by two different groups now, oh well here we go again..
  2. It is all unfortunately part of a cycle of violence and terror in Israel. On the 'bright' side the security services had warnings of multiple terror attempts for the Passover period, hopefully this will be the only one to happen. The security threat always rises during periods of national / religous holidays in Israel.
  3. My deep condolences for relatives of innocent victims.

    Who does stay behind this terror act? Probably they are Abbas, Fatah that hope to return to power and suck Western money as before.
  4. Islamic Jihad have taken responsibility, the bomber was reported as a 21 year old but he looked alot younger in the TV footage taken of him before his mission.

    This would of been a good opportunity maybe for Hamas to condemn the attack like Abbas has. If they want to attract more world sympathy this would have helped.

    Perhaps IJ will add their suicide bombers to those 40k in Iran, just consider a whole army of these people!!
  5. Abbas' condemnation? He could do better - arrest all IJ leaders. He knows all of them (and their lockation) prettey well. This senseless killing of innocents is a part of his plan. Provoking inevitable Israeli retaliation Abbas hopes to remove Hamas from power.