Tehran Times: Shut Off Oil Exports Now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. From the Tehran Times via IRNA. 17 August 2005

    The Tehran Times proposes that Iran, and other middle eastern oil-producing states, should suspend oil exports to states that attempt to interfere with their ability to develop atomic energy.

    "The best way to confront the US and EU3 dictatorship is to "impose an embargo on oil sales to those countries, said an English-language paper here Sunday commenting on last Thursday "unfair" resolution of the UN nuclear watchdog against Iran.

    The 'Tehran Times' suggested in its editorial that the world oil-rich states should form a united front in order to confront "Western neocolonialist countries."
    Criticizing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution against Iran, the paper said that it was ratified "to meet the objectives of the Zionist regime and the United States." It added that the resolution, issued under pressure from the United States and the European Union big three, actually indicated that "the status of international organizations, including the IAEA, has declined seriously in the face of the blackmail of the neocolonialist powers."


    I do not know to what extent the Tehran Times embodies the views of the Iranian government.

    The threat is specifically directed against the USA and the EU3 states, UK, Germany and France.

    One problem with an export embargo is that it deprives the exporter of its income. However, it's a seller's market in petroleum now and I suppose Iran might be able to find other buyers. China, for instance. I have read elsewhere that China plans on building up a strategic reserve sufficient to meet all its needs for at least a month.

    Whether the embargo materializes or not, the USA faces a major challenge to its power over the middle eastern oil market this coming spring.

    An oil bourse is opening in Tehran this coming spring. Prices will be quoted in, and remittances are to be made in, euros, not US dollars. (Crude oil is quoted at New York and London in US dollars.)

    Heretofore, the entire oil-importing world has needed US dollars to buy crude oil from the middle east. Such countries have been obliged to build up a trade surplus with the USA to get the foreign exchange to buy energy. The USA, however, has enjoyed the unique position of being able to finance its energy needs by "running the printing press." The days of this arrangement may be numbered.
  2. I wonder what the American's response would be if hey thought their oil supply was under serious threat. They have gone to war for less than that.
  3. If I remember correctly, Saddam also started to quote his prices in euros, then look at what suddenly happened! The tin-foil hat wearers would have us belive there is a link there.
  4. I don't know how correct this is but somebody told me we have a lot of Oil left in the North Sea, Only reason we buy their oil is because it isn't as good as our own so much cheaper to buy and we sell ours for a huge profit.

    If this is true, we cna just use our own for a while and lose a bit of money for a while. won't be long until they are missing their income from ceasing to trade with 4 of the richest states.
  5. Well, kind of makes you realise why the French beat a path to both Iran and Iraq's door.....or am I just cynical?
  6. sorry to burst the standard "the yanks are gunhappy f*ckwit" rant, but the US does not import oil from Iran, so i don't think they'll give a rats arrse what the Terhan Times rants on about!

    Sounds more like the posturing of a very worried regime that might be regretting it's decision to continue to develop a "questionalbe" nuclear programme.

    And before you start tearing into me, you can find all this out on www.energyintel.com
  7. Why depend on middle east oil when you have reliable sources much closer to home ? This threat is aimed at the EU.
  8. There's about half the oil left in the north sea than there was at the start & it's less & less acessible(so more expensive to extract) the halfway date being in 2001 according to my sources. This year is the 1st year that the UK will have to import natural gas. We have a contract to supply oil to the US which we are obliged to fulfil before seeing to our own needs (you know how nasty their lawyers can get). So if the ME cut off our oil supplies & russia could/wouldn't supply us with what we need we'd be in deep poo. Invasion of oil-rich states just isn't an option for us like it is for the US - and anyway how come we aren't profiting madly from Iraqi oil supplies like the Yanks? That WAS the true aim of the Iraq Invasion wasn't it?
    How many states/wacko groups already have nuclear weapons or the ingredients needed - how many are truely safe & stable? So what's the difference if Iran joins the glow in the dark club? Let 'em have nuclear power & good luck to 'em - just hope they don't follow the Jap example & go transporting highly radioactive substances in ordinary buckets (does anyone else remember that story of the Power Station?)
  9. It should be to develop other sources of energy, but seen as how the neo-cons have their fingers in so many petroleum pies, me thinks not!
  10. The Falkland islands have significant oil reserves in the region of 60 billion barrels around them I think its time we got of our ARRSE and did something about that. The Argies are an issue but If they refuse to negotiate a reasonable deal I don’t see the problem with going ahead with out them