Teflon Tony puts Knife Into Pa Broone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. 'Daily Mail' Friday 2 January 2009

    "Labour's boom years were down to 'luck' rather than Gordon Brown's stewardship of the economy, Tony Blair has said.

    Replying to a question after giving a lecture at Yale University in Connecticut, Mr Blair said: 'It is true that we had ten years of record growth when I was prime minister. 'I have, unfortunately, come to the conclusion that it was luck.' The Tories seized on Mr Blair's remarks as an 'extraordinary admission'.

    Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said: 'Tony Blair has exposed the damning truth about Gordon Brown's chancellorship.

    'The good times were all down to luck.'

    Mr Blair's spokesman said the comment had been a 'self-deprecating joke' and the former PM 'remains proud of the record he and Gordon Brown established'. Mr Blair has studiously avoided commenting on domestic politics since leaving Downing Street."

    Wow! Stating the obvious ain't he! Something we would have never guessed - Oh dearie moi!!

    Well, well. Something many folks either knew or guessed at for years. So we now know from the 'Horses Mouth' (Or its backside more like it), Pa Gollum Broone is just a chancer. He is NO different now he is PRIME MENTALIST... just bumbling along from one crisis to another -- "What Crisis?" we hear him say.... "I have saved the World...!" me mutters.... :p :p :p :)

    "Flabber my Ghasts. Pa Broone wants me to be his Economic Advisor!"
  2. the world economy was booming. anyone can steer the ship in calm seas.
  3. They were both a pair of chancer's who have squandered so much of the 'wealth of the state' from those killed and seriously wounded on operations, too spunkking the gold reserves...

    I do hope that they get there reward in hell...
  4. if only Bliar had stuck a knife in Broon. that would be a two-fer of awesome proportions.
    One dead, one up on murder charges (at last)
  5. Only partially true. Gordon Brown basically asset stripped UK PLC, this gave short term advantages at the expense of long term disaster. He was undoubtedly helped by the global situation, however, his short term strategy did increase the short term boom.
  6. "Kettle from Pot. Send colour sit-rep, over..." :roll:

    I'd like to stick a real knife in both these fcukers. :evil:
  7. Parasites, the pair of them. This is what happens when you give Power to the so called Common Man. It's just one stage up from the corruption of Zimbabwe.
  8. "Mr Blair's spokesman said the comment had been a 'self-deprecating joke'"

    Complete the sentance "No truer word spoken in........"

    a. a Lecture in the USA.
    b. jest.
    c. "self deprecating joke".
  9. Well said! What lunatic thought democracy was a good idea?! What shall we revert to? Feudalism? If giving power to common people is bad, then how posh or elite do you have to be to be in charge?
  10. IIRC, Churchill said something along the lines of Democracy being a bad idea...until you compare it to the alternatives...
  11. The really worrying thing is that their success more than likely was luck - that, and schemes like raiding pension funds to swell the Treasury's coffers. Gordon Brown's appointment as Chancellor always puzzled me though; yes, he was part of the Blair / Brown "ticket", but what professional qualifications did he have to be Chancellor? As far as I'm aware, he doesn't hold a single recogniseable qualification in economics (unlike Mervyn King, who has a First in economics from Cambridge).

    Even more worrying are the borrowing "forecasts" from the Treasury for the coming years. In the March 2008 budget, Alistair Darling was confidently predicting Government borrowing of £43bn over the whole of FY08. By November 2008, that figure had already reached £37bn, and is now "forecast" to be £78bn. This is dwarfed by the figure of £118bn forecast for FY09. But given their record, how can anyone be confident that the Government's figures - as astonomical as they are - are even close to what they will really need to borrow?

    Not that we should be too shocked though; Would you be surprised if your gas boiler blew up your house if you had let someone who wasn't Corgi-qualified look after it for ten years?
  12. None whatsoever. He is a Historian who followed the traditional route and crawled up the arrse of the Liarbor party to further his own career.

    How did he become Chancellor? Easy: after John Smith snuffed it in 1994 a deal was struck between Blair and Brown at the Granita restaurant. Blair promised to give Brown control of economic policy in return for Brown not standing against him in the party leadership election.

    He is unfit to run a whelk stall.
  13. What qualifications do our politicians, regardless of political party, ever have for the cabinet jobs they are appointed to. The majority of politicians seem to be lawyers, yet they get jobs in housing, health, defence, transport, foreign affairs etc etc. Their history as lawyers means that they are good at lying and they are skilled at debating with weasel words and pedantry.

    Some previous chancellors were involved in the financial sector - indeed, Lamont, Lawson and Major all had some (limited but important) experience. We're probably likely to see that dying out as all our MPs increasingly come from "career politician" stock, rather than from real life.

    What qualifications do our monarchy have that makes them so suitable to take the top job as head of state? Their mum/dad used to do it. Congratulations Mr Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, I mean Windsor, you've got the job! 8)
  14. "What qualifications do our monarchy have that makes them so suitable to take the top job as head of state? Their mum/dad used to do it. Congratulations Mr Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, I mean Windsor, you've got the job!"

    You mean apart from being trained to take the post their entire lives?
  15. Here is the opening, middle and end of an article on the Nu-Labour economic record dating from 2007.

    Nothing new but some might be surprised at the source. Some claptrap in there but the facts speak for themselves. Brown just rode the wave and the only thing that saved him from the fiscal consequences of gross economic mismanagement of the UK economy was the vast rise in earnings from the financial sector (remember that at least 51% of those mega bonus payments turned into PAYE and NIC contribitions)which has of course now all turned to sh1t.

    Read it and weep.

    "As Tony Blair departed and Gordon Brown prepared to take over as prime minister one great myth was boomed out by New Labour’s propaganda machine—that Brown had achieved a “miracle” for the British economy. He achieved no less than the “longest period of sustained economic growth for more than 200 years…the longest period of sustained growth since the beginning of the industrial revolution”.1 It was a myth that most mainstream commentators avoided puncturing, eager as they are to see the major continental economies follow in Britain footsteps and embracing measures of “labour market flexibility”, “market testing”, privatisation and “contracting out” in the public sector, and longer working hours.

    Yet the claim itself is simply false."

    "The slow level of productivity growth translates into an even lower growth in real disposable income—by only 1.3 percent a year over the past three years, and by just 0.8 percent last year. That was the lowest increase since the recession of 1982, and we are not currently in a recession. The figures for household income are even worse. This figure has been rising only 0.35 percent a year since 2001-2002, and is actually falling slightly this year.

    The result has been an increasing tendency for people to cover their personal spending by reliance on debt."

    "The “miracle”, like every other in Britain since the 1970s, is likely to end in tears. Let us hope they are not ours but Gordon Brown’s."