Teflon Tony - Im only disliked in the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maguire, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. I hate the tw@t no matter where he is.
  3. Yup... of course Our Tone is loved all over the Middle East. :roll:

    Its not just Tone that folks dislike, its the whole concept of New Labour and what it is is and has done the UK PLc over the past 12 years or so. For Tony to blame the meedja for his low popularity in the UK is a bit rich (hahah - Rich indeedy). The only folks who truly like him, are from New Labour mungs and the window likker faithful :roll: :wink:

    Bwteen Teflon Tone, Pa Gollums McRuin-Broone, Mr Mendacious, 2-Shaggs, Hettie Harmone and all the other Halfwits of Neues Arbeits.... Its a wonder the country actually runs. It's more by good luck than good judgment after the devious New Labour pickpockets have been through our Pensions, our Pockets, our Everything Else.... 'Twunts' (now that is a good descriptor for Tone and his Pals, and Ex-Pals).

    Did anyone actually Like Tone, or was it his boyish good looks, his charm and that grin that conned folks into believing the 'Bell-End' pish that he has preached for so long? :roll:
  4. So only hated by the people he lead...............There's a lesson there!
  5. Give it time Tony, give it time.
  6. Gerry Adams quite likes him.
  7. The thing I hate the most about him was that he turned the serious business of politics into a popularity show. His only policies were keep the majority happy, whether it is worthwhile, meaningful or wise doesn't matter, just be popular.
  8. Hate him?

    I think of headlice or fleas with more fondness and less disrespect, at least they don't know the misery they have caused.

    Teflon Tony should be locked up at The Hague awaiting trial for warcrimes, IMHO.
  9. If, and it's a big if, he is liked by foreigners, then it is because they never had him as their Prime Minister.
  10. Answer given on children's forum in Ireland to the question "Why does nobody like me?"

    "I don't know you but you do you lie, cheat or smell?

    They are major reasons people take a dislike to people for. If none of those things apply it could be you try so hard & they get bored of you xx"
  11. Dear Tony Blair,
    I closely follow politics, I have done since Wilson. I used to think that Wilson/Heath/Callaghan were shit at the job, but you beat them hands down. A man without substance - just like your hopeless successor, Gordon Brown. I think you are a tw*t.
  12. I hate this grinning coont and his chinless bint of a wife with a vengeance. Hope they choke on their turkey next week.
  13. Only hated in the UK? Doesn't really matter, now he isn't getting to be President of the EU who cares what anybody else thinks of the dispicable piece of shite?

    Just for clarity, I hate the cnut with a passion only rivalled by my desire to see Gordon Brown hanging from a Whitehall lampost.
  14. Exactly. He has not as yet been able to inflict any suffering on the rest of Europe.
  15. I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Apart from good ole GW, it's hard to think of a foreign leader who actually seemed to like him and I suspect that was more a case of liking control rather than liking Tony. As to general populations, the rest haven't got to know him. Lucky them.

    In any case, "Only disliked in the UK" is factually inaccurate. I find it remarkably easy to loathe the man regardless of where I am.