Young Billy grew up thinking women had teeth between their legs.

When he was young his mother told him women have teeth between their legs so he would be a good boy and not fool around prematurely. So, he grew up believing it.

On his 18th b-day he went to a bar to celebrate. He met this pretty young lady and they hit it off. She ends up taking him home.

They start getting friendly, kissing and petting and such and she starts to take off her trousers.

He immediately stops her and tells her, "don't do that, my mother told me about you women. You women have teeth between your legs.".

She begins to laugh hysterically and finally, after she stops laughing, explains to him that his mother has lied to him.
She then proceeds to start slipping her knickers down while saying "trust me, I'll show you.".

He reluctantly agrees to let her show him. Once she gets her knickers off she slowly spreads her legs and says, "see there, I don't have any teeth between my legs.".

He tells her, "it's no wonder, look at the state of your fecking gums."
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