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Teeth stop me getting in the forces?

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Are you for real? Seriously?!

Get your teeth squared away you dirty minger. Their more important than a career in the forces.

Grotty ****.

I am hoping to join the regular forces some point soon but worry as my teeth are a bit crap just not. Without making to many excuses I am afraid of dentist and went through a rough patch where I neglected them.

I am getting back on top of it and they don't cause me any pain but I know I need a bit of work doing to get back to 100%. It is going to cost me though and take a bit of time to do it. If I was to get the opportunity to join before I had the various treatments would this stop me being able to join?

Hope someone can help.

Nathan B
Is this you? Get your pegs sorted you filthy chimp, what you on here for asking about your teeth?


Not open for further replies.

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