Teeth extractions/fillings

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Ive found posts stating you wont be rejected if have work needs doing but on my medical self certify form for doctor it asks you to declare if anything needs doing and there is a note at top that states severe dental disease ie teeth needing extracted/filled would not be permitted into army?
Im getting some work done but im worried if i say yes will delay or even have application deferred even though the work will be done next 2 weeks approx.
Would i be better to get work sorted then hand form over so is all truthful or even just say no and make sure works done by selection?
Didn't even look at my teeth in selection....
I wouldn't even worry about it. You'll be fine. Leave it blank. If you're getting the work done, then it's no problem is it.
you get a dental assessment when you start basic and they do the work for you to get you dental fit for phase 2, i started at bassingbourn 7 weeks ago and am in middle of the dental work being done so don't worry
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