Teeny tiny models

Naaa, this is one of Bennett with his new bit of totty;

[geek mode on] Going back to the original post. I have a box full of those little lead models in my loft from days gone by of doing AFV recce through a set of chad valley issue binos sat at 20 paces. [/geek mode off]

I am the proud owner of a video featuring Bridget. Even though she is a dwarf and ultimately a fcuking freak, she has the cutest minge I have ever seen. It's trimmed, has slightly swollen labia majora and a really smooth perinium leading to her most sacred of holes.

Disregarding the fact that her pussy is smaller than a mouses ear it can take a fully grown penis with ease even if she was screaming as her hip bones were stretched. I would go further with my review of midget porn but I've never watched it further than the screaming scene as that is my "Stroke de la vinegraire" point.
Speedy said:
No, not diminuative page 3 bints, but the military vehicle types. I'm not much of a spotter, but these impressed me a bit due to their tinyness.
They'd make good presentations\leaving pressies too I think.
A brief moment of normality before the dwarf porn kicks off. Cheers for posting that, I've been looking for some small CVR(T) models for use on Recce ground plans.

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