Teeny tiny home-made pinfire

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. surely it can't be much more powerful than an air rifle/CO2 pistol. I think you'd have to get a really lucky[or unlucky] shot to really hurt/kill someone.
  2. You can make somethin like that with a party popper charge and a parker pen tube........allegedly lol goes through 12mm plasterboard as mrs RM will tell you, oops!
  3. It isn't home made, it is known as a Berloque pistol. The extension is for firing flares.

    Looks like a viable procurement choice for the next issue flare gun to me, light, small, cheap and can come gold plated for the crabs :lol:
  4. Well spotted that man.

    I tried to flog those about 4 years ago and the local plod came and took them away, before reminding the importer that he wasn't allowed to import them into the UK.

    I think they might actually be either Section 5 or simply banned from import by the HO. Either way, I couldn't sell them as an RFD.

    Great little things they are too.
  5. This is the way forward.

    Cunningly designed to be deployed whilst the evil-doer is still laughing at your pathetic attempt to see him off with what appears to be a 2mm pinfire.

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  6. Once again, the Swiss show off:




    Double action mini-revolver firing in-house made 2.34mm rimfire cartridges. If you look at their ammo info, they are rated at <1Joule but have been obviously getting stick from journos.

    Have a look at the prices :wtf: