Teens burn the house down losing virginity

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Apollonia, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. BERLIN (Reuters) - A teenage couple having sex for the first time were interrupted when candles set fire to the girl's attic bedroom and forced them to flee naked from her parents' house, German daily Bild reported on Friday.

    The girl had wanted to create a romantic atmosphere for the occasion. But when the room suddenly became engulfed with flames, they had to make a hasty escape.

    The couple, both 18, were pictured naked in the paper among the burned wreckage of the attic. A charred teddy had survived but the fire wrecked the entire top floor of the house causing around 100,000 euros (68,000 pounds) worth of damage.


    A 'charred teddy' survived - that reminds me of the reporter in Drop the Dead Donkey who always had a teddy to use as a prop in his reports of tragic stories.

    Wonder how much they were paid for the photograph.

    Original article here:
  2. My immediate thought upon seeing the thread title was that the blerk hadn't been successful with the foreplay (look it up in the dictionary lads… :roll: :D ) , hence the friction-related tinder-effect! 8O
  3. Least they shared a heated moment of passion.

    Coat....Gone.. :roll:
  4. Where are the naked pics?
  5. Drat!!

    Beat me to the post.. still, I would have used a flashier intro.. something like.. Flames of Passion.. or Hot love in the Attic..
    or another pornfilm style title..

    interesting phottie with that link.. Shy virginal couple [ assume that they didn't get to finish the deed before Teddy went up in smoke ] pose provocatively for newsflashies.. She looks okay but he's definitly ' dodgy'.. kind of hard and movie villain looking for a virginal 18 year old: don cha think??

    Still.. they seem to be weathering the international ridicule rather well if the piccie is anything to go by..
    trust those Germans to handle anything cool and clamly.. not a tear for Mum and Dad's abode singed to the tune of $ 135.000 US.. [ maybe they'll take it out of the kids allowance? or make her ' work it off '? ]

    Hot tottie , indeed!!

    added: another link in English:

    okay, I know enough bad puns.. ..coat/taxi..
  6. Apparently her fluffy beaver was also singed...it had only recently been stuffed too. Shame...
  7. Dont forget the childs sandal as well.

    SKY seem to use Damien in all the reports from disasters in the world. OC Domestic and myself are always spotting the Teddy Bear and childs shoe
  8. I nearly burnt the house down shagging my missus....

    Pillow falls off bed, hits candle, the rest is history!
  9. Wasnt that pillow fell off face as you were smothering her :wink: :wink:
  10. what a load of bollox, i expected the picture to show them to be naked trying to beat the flames out with her teddy not fcuking posing like posh spice and becks, deserved to fcuking be burnt in the fire the fcuking maggots!
  11. Did she melt? Did you keep the receipt? :D
  12. What a pair of losers! He looks like too much of a tw^t to have a good fcuk in him anyway. She was likely better off without him.

    Having said that, she has feet like a Guardsman so probably knocked the candles over wiv her size 12's while she was legs akimbo being given what-for by Fritz Von Shagnasty in the pic.

    They must have been paid a chunk though to be plastered all over the paper as a couple of failed shaggers.

    Bet her Mum and Dad are dead proud.... :lol: 8O :roll:
  13. Fcuk me, is that really 18? 8O The enhanced pic is as believable as a TV phone-in comp. I like the put-on 'plaster' on the knee though to emphasise the injury. But I suspect she'll be getting more than that:
  14. A candle???

    You are either shackled to a hippy or you were being so romantically gay you deserve to have Zorro put his hand in your anus and pull out your throat.... what a puffy cnut.

    Candles are only made to shove up there fish holes while you go conkers deep in their bottoms.
  15. You have some rather serious issues don't you? :D