Teenagers steal poppies to make money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by machiavelli, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. A day in the company of a Veteran

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  2. Burning alive ?

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  3. Through them into the JRC at the next function ?

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  4. Soldier hunting parties ?

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  1. Cant find the link but this was mentioned on Points West (arrrrghh local news) last night.

    Teenagers have stolen boxes of poppies to flog and make money, so answer the poll above or suggest good ways of dealing with them below.
  2. Don't understand option two above.
  3. I think that is supposed to read "Throw them into the JRC at the next function "

    Mind you he could mean let the guys at the next JRC function go through them?
  4. I really do despair of the youth of this country. Only problem is if the police arrest them and they get to court, they'll probably get a day quad biking with some Youth Offending Team worker.

    It's all wrong
  5. Cut their hands off. They won't do it again.

    It'll ruin their sex lives as well.
  6. I would have added, "Make them attend their local ex servicemens home and empty bedpans out for the next 12 months" to the poll options.

    ........and its 'throw'
  7. Can we have an option for all 3?

    The sickening thing is the little charmers won't even understand the significance of the poppy! They need an education to make them realise the sacrifice that has been made to allow them the freedom they so wilfully abuse!

    However the education I propose would be to rip their thieving arms from their sockets, and force feed them their own limbs before covering them with jam and lying them on a nest of soldier ants to be slowly stung to death! :twisted:
  8. oh I don't know quad biking can be awfully dangerous especially if you choose the right route :twisted:
    there seems to be an awful lot of those contours very close together you';ll be fine no worries :D
    hello ambulance there seems to have been an accident no don't hurry the screaming seems to have stopped now :twisted:
  9. Sorry away from the desk

    Mong spelling apologised for Throw them into the JRC and let the blokes go through them
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Why are we suprised it happens every year, some scumbag knicks a Poppy collection box. Other times through the year they just steal whatever charity box they can lay their dirty hands on.

    They should be taken to Lydd ranges and used for moving target practice.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Is that covered by PACE 1984?
  12. S25 it's in COPLAN somewhere, something about person at risk!
  13. How cruel all of you. They need loving understanding and a long holiday in sunny climes so they can come to terms with the trauma of their actions.


    Holiday = Paradropped into Darfur with the final words of 'make your own way back...'