Teenagers Jailed Over Kicking Murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mac1, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. I hope that there are nice strong brackets in their cells and their pyjama cords are of a good quality...miserable young cnuts.
  2. with the certainty of DNA evidence it his highly unlikely to get convicted wrongly so is it time to bring back the death penalty?
  3. I'm all for wiring them to the mains!
  4. The sentence will have no effect on the way other kids behave, The gang culture will just carry on as before and anyone who opposes these kids on the streets will risk being killed. The Police will do nothing but give excuses and blame the parents. If I have to approach a gang of yobs in the street, I will call the police first and tell them that as they are unable to protect me I will arm myself first, ie " you have 2 mins to get here or I go out with an Axe"
    Better tried by 12 than carried by 6
    Rather die on my feet than live on my Knees
  5. What 'certainty'?
  6. –noun, plural -ties.
    1. the state of being certain.
    2. something certain; an assured fact.
  7. We can't bring back the death penalty. Even if Parliament voted in favour, the final authority on capital punishment lies with Europe. They wouldn't let us bring it back.

    Which is a shame as electrocution has just been ruled unconstitutional in America. Hence there are a load of electric chairs going cheap. Buying a few would relieve us of the need to rebuild the gallows at HMP Wandsworth (removed on the orders of a certain T Blair in 1998).
  8. Stake 'em to the ground and kick them in the fcuking head. Failing that in the market square tie 'em to a lamp post. And birch 'em...... to death. Literally cut 'em in half with birches.

    I doubt many would consider them "hard" or "hero" after that.

    Or use ;em for good in the world. Get 'em to a minefield and tell them to jump about a bit.

    Fcuking scum.
  9. Flensing with hot steam, to a nice uniform depth - quick and extremely painful. If they survive, let them out, eventually, as a warning for others. Then again I've always been thought of as a namby pamby liberal, and some may call for harsher punishments.
  10. There was a very good drama on some years ago about the stalker affair. One scene on a farm during a snap RUC search an officer was informed by a suspects mother "my son's in the barn" to which the reply was "yes, we know, we had to shoot him".
    I would love to have been in that officers position.
  11. I like the axe idea. A good punchin to the head with a key in your fist also works wonders on the little scrotes!
  12. erm... why not give them 100 years each? They have been given 17, 12 and 15 years respectively, they will be hardened criminals when they come out, strong enough to do even more damage to someone who gets in their way.

    fcuk me, this government and so-called judicial system sucks dick!

    Guy Fawkes had the right idea, blow this **** government up! Brown you ****ing ****, die a horrible death!
  13. This is the way to treat the b*stards.

    20 strokes with the Cane - NSFW

    I`m sure they`d think twice before risking this type of punishment.

    Of course....just so they don`t forget....this would be carried out every week of their 60 year sentence.
  14. Thats strange... I do not seem to recall that control of our criminal justice system being handed to unelected foreigners was ever in anyones manifesto... nor was it ever mentioned in the referendum on the common market.

    As our lawmaking representatives are neither elected nor representative that vigilante justice will soon be the only real justice.

    I hope these murdering little scrotes are themselves kicked to death.