Teenagers death in Goa

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pots359v, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Guys, dont know if this has already been done, apollogies if so.

    Dont you think there is something a bit strange here, mum goes on hols with her 7 kids (No problem there), then decides they are going travelling around to see a bit of the place (still no problem). Eldest obviously doesnt want to go off with the family, (how uncool) so mum leaves a 15 year old with a tourist guide, she doesnt even know!

    I know that doesnt excuse what happened thereafter, however, if she had of taken the young un with her she wouldnt have to have dealt with the aftermath.

    Some people just astound me, your kids have got to be the most precious and valuable things in your life, I have never and would never leave them with someone i didint know.
  2. The mum looks and sounds like an aging hippie doing the whole hippie trail thing, 7 kids by how many different dads and what mum lets her 15 year old daughte out till 4 in the morning with a much older tour guide..... good parenting that eh
  3. That is what I was thinking, not saying what happened afterwards is right but surely she should be shouldering a fair portion of the blame and a whole sh1t load of guilt
  4. Without sounding cruel...

    Stupidity is a crime that is committed by so many people these days.
    The only reason the consequences of stupidity are reported is so the news companies can gain viewers.

    I don't know this person, I will continue to not know this person, and that, is as much a role in my life as they are ever likely to play.

    The press already have a couple of missing person cash cows in the works, surely one more person going missing would set the tin foil hat brigade off a buzzing.
  5. I was in Goa when this happened, and whilst I felt safe enough, I certainly wouldn't have even left my wife alone on the beach at night, let alone my kid. I can't believe anyone could be this negligent - would this woman have left her kid to go pissing it up alone in Devon with strangers?
    Everyone with a brain knows that lots of Indian guys go to Goa with one thing on their mind - scoring a tourist. There were lots of lads every day cruising up and down the beach copping an eyeful of the visiting talent, and given that their own women keep covered up, that's not surprising. A pretty fifteen year old blonde who's had a few is going to be every predator's wet dream. I feel really sorry for this lady, it's an awful thing to happen, but by god she was reckless.
  6. The mother seems to be completely nuts. Leaveing her daughter like that, what on earth was she thinking!!!!
  7. Shouldn't the kids been a school, a 6 month walkabout is not right and leaving your kid is stupid. How did this woman afford to take this 6 month piss up ?
  8. Bad parenting, more often than not by single parents, is the root cause of most of todays issues in society. It is about time the Govt did more to encourage responsible parenting or, more importantly, discourage irresponsible parenting.
  9. The thing I find most surprising about this whole world travel/student/gap year thing is that there aren't thousands of the naive mongs going missing every week. What was it published last week: 70% of said mongs would prefer an iPod over a first aid kit? A sizable percentage of these muppets shouldn't be allowed a passport - for their own safety. Still, that's a university education for you.
  10. It's just just leaving 15yo daughter with a tour guide (and his aunt).

    The 25yo tour guide is also, reportedly, her boyfriend. Which boyfriend/tour guide/trusted person then has the girl in a bar until 02:00 and lets her walk home alone.

    Local plod, having denied any rae/assault, suddenly bag a barman. Not very convincing is it?.
  11. Cynisisam is part of a soldiers way of life.
    I find it very amusing watching young Honkey Maidens cum out here and have their fling with the young Thai guys, usually tour guides.
    Pathetic is perhaps the politest word I can use.
    Oh please don't any Ladies come on and say what about the Thousands of Men who make complete Cnuts of themselves. Yes they do but Onest it's not the same game.
  12. It was on the news last night ...the mother looks like an ageing hippie (43 years old)!
    see HERE

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  13. Yeah, but y'know, it's all like, wow! and stuff. I mean I just can' get ma head aroun' it, man - it 'ad t'ave binn safe dunnit, 'coz they're such a spiritual people annat. I mean, look at all them amazing coloured beads they make, how could there be any danger wi' them beads!

    Not like a nation of a billion people could harbour the odd nutter, or anything.
  14. Feck me its Dennis Hopper!!
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Although she probably smells of josticks and humus - I am sure you would still give it a shot :wink: