Teenager infiltrates army bases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    BB's daughter ?
  2. Did anyone get eyes on? Was she fit?
  3. Hasn`t this individual been on security flyers ? I`ve seen something from 5 div? well I think I have!
  4. I want to see a picture of her!

    Though it does seem hard to belive but she could be classed as walt, a very devious walt!
  5. MI6 should recruit her. At any rate, she'd be a damn sight better than a lot of our current 'intelligence' officers !
  6. You think she would have got away with half this bo ll ox if she wasn't?

    "Squaddies hoodwinked by fit body and perky pair of chebs - Scandal , Horror"

    Extras all round till 2008 it is then.
  7. Her picture's up in our guardroom, in case she tries it here. Certainly not fit.
  8. Same here. She's a fcuking Munter. No way she has done half the things they reckon she has done.

    Drilled a platoon of recruits. HAHA. Imagine that Your in Depot and some little hoe bag comes into your room saying get outside for drill. Fcuk off you slut get into my bed or we'll all bum you!
  9. Ha ha ha. That's the best excuse I've heard for a Colburn Commando being caught in an Army Barracks. She pulled an instructor? Yeah, I'm sure she did and I'm sure she will again next Friday.
  10. According to the blurb with her photo, she turns up at camps pretending to be a L/Bdr and says she's lost her ID card. Why anyone would want to sneak onto a barracks anywhere, I have no idea (apart from the obvious).
  11. Can't be. She wasn't found in the boat-house at Hairford! :D
  12. wot a load of rubbish
  13. The training of MoD PR types has clearly advanced to transform it into an art, a skill and a profession:

    An MoD source told The Sun: “What this young lady managed to do was quite extraordinary.
    “For a teenager to penetrate military security as deeply as she did on four occasions is appalling.
    “What on earth could an al-Qaeda terrorist have achieved? One shudders to think.
    “She made a mockery of some of Britain’s finest fighting outfits.
    “Top brass are fuming. Heads will have to roll.”

    Or maybe the Sun just asked a German tourist in Whitehall.
  14. There's a security poster up of her in our TAC.

    She's not a threat, just a squaddie groupie, pain in the arrse.

    She's a gripper. But some arrsers think that grippers are good looking, so who knows :?