Teenager Banned ffrom Wearing Poppy at Work - Online Petition

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by rmgbem, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Just watched the BBC Midlands lunchtime news - a teenager from Stratford-upon-Avon was told to remove her poppy at work during the Poppy Appeal last November and has raised a petition to pursuade the Government to pass a law making it illegal to ban the wearing of the Poppy in the workplace, subject to the usual H&S and PPE requirements.

    Hope many of you agree with me and sign the online petition:

    Wear Your Poppy With Pride Petition

    Makes me so angry I could throw the 'phone down!!!!
  2. Why is she wearing a poppy in March?
  3. "In November 2010 I was told on two occasions to remove my Poppy whilst at work as it was not part of my Uniform. "
  4. Original post suitably amended!
  5. Did you protest when told to remove it from your uniform?
  6. Thanks! For a moment there (without the link), I thought this was somebody wishing to wear a poppy at the wrong time of year.
  7. That petition isn't on the official government web site. It has an advert for ambulance chasing lawyers next to it. If its going to the government surely it should be on the official site for such petitions? I would be wary adding details to this.
  8. Who cares?

    Buying one is the main thing.
  9. The gov site was taken down by the new inhabitants of no 10 the last time I looked! Or have they set it up again?
  10. +1. Buying the things is the important bit. If I had civvy employers and they didn't want me to wear one, I couldn't get too bothered about it. I could still wear one away from work.
  11. One of the catering ladies at a cafe near me wears one year round in her little catering hat.