Teenager accused of criminal damage to War Memorial

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 2, 2013.

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  1. I don't think it was his efforts at refurbishment that was the problem.
    The Council just hate fat *****.
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  2. Blogg I like the second newspaper " A task force has been set up .." FFS the politics of this spound ******* pathetic - sometimes you need a big stick. Good to see the Old William are involved although most of the coppers I know will be muttering under their breath the word *******.
  3. Personally I don't care how fat he is as he's doing the work his council should be doing, and at no charge. I'm amazed that council jobsworths even thought about reporting him, I suppose the local water board will be pursuing him now for unlicensed water usage.
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  4. good lad, council's obviously becoming more punitive than helpful
  5. Maybe he should launch a counter action and invoice the Council for his time. He has an award for his work so Council were happy with him doing the work then. Maybe he could claim, depression, persecution, unable to sleep at night (weight loss - nope :) )
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  6. According to the DM Kurtis Greene said "‘The policewoman was trying to trap us. She kept asking us the same questions in different ways.’

  7. It is called questioning technique to get real scrotes to 'fess up. What it doesn't say is if she was wearing stockings?
  8. Good lad.........but sadly not free of the taint of criminal bloaterhood!
  9. Criminal damage my arse- what a bunch of local council tossers and a waste of police time. Good on the lad for being one of the few of his generation who gives a shit and contributes to the community. Surely there are more important matters for the council to attend to such as placing fat bloater teenage mums in council flats and ensuring they get every penny of benefit they can- *****.
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  10. Dersingham Parish Council should be made to lick the memorial and its surrounding area clean... One hours licking for each councilor (including resigned ones) for each hours graft this lad has put in.

    I've a feeling there is some sort of internal politiking going on here. Did he tread on someones toes? Someone who felt that after the hard work of a 9yo had brought the memorial to an acceptable standard, they should recieve the praise for a well kept civic area?
  11. If he'd been a shaven headed chav thug, who pointed out he knew where the councillors lived, and he'd piss where he liked, would they have behaved in the same forthright manner?
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