Teenage soldier killed after being shot on training exercise

Just saw this on Sky News, More news to follow:

"Teenage soldier killed after being shot whilst on training exercise in Kent..."

RIP lad
Does this normally make the press so quickly these days?
Does this normally make the press so quickly these days?
Only if NoK have been informed and not requested period of grace, which in this case they have and I can only assume for the latter they have not
generally the unit press office leeks the news just to make sure the army is duplicit in their duties to inform the public about deaths, aparently taking out an add in the london telegraph once a month isnt enough in todays coms rich environment
I'm aware of several which never made the national press and to be honest it's probably for the best. Now the families have to put up with all the nonsense that goes with armchair generals and journalists wanting to point a finger of blame within 48hours.

It's never healthy.

RIP young man.
Not odd at all. Training accidents involving live ammunition aren't rare. It's called being human. Mistakes / errors / negligence / ****-ups are a part and parcel of life.
True, but the HSE will soon be along to tell us that bullets are too dangerous and the MOD will be signing a £30m contract with BAE to produce 50,000 SA80-shaped super soakers.
Why do we need 50,000?
Because we never buy enough of things we need, and buy too many of things we don't need. (before paying again to have somebody come dispose of them, and then pay some more to buy them back a few years later when it hasn't been replaced as it was supposed to be).
Very true. A guy on Pond Jump West in '91(?) was killed by a schermuly to the face on a final assault.
and the practice of using them as simulated RPG's was still going on in 2007 so no wonder. People just don't get it that training for Operations is dangerous. Now the family have to put up with all the illinformed shit that comes with a press release.

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