Teenage Sex Pest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. So a new victim has made herself known according to the latest rag, Forrest was a nonce (stands by to be corrected) but this seems to be a publicity grab by an opportunist.
  2. Teenage sex pest? They all qualify for that award.
    A link would be handy.
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  3. ok syntax error; predator that preyed on teenagers' ? Does that help?
  4. Some background story may help with this thread.
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  5. Hardly news really. Another day at the office.
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  6. Forrest=Teenager=sex=jail/ the unmentionable name + someone who has revealed her near victimhood to a National Newspaper. The gut was as guilty as feck but I do have concerns about the financial free for all that may follow!
  7. Which one? The one where more crawl out of the woodwork or the one where he sues everyone in sight over something he says never happened?
  8. Thank you Pitswamper; so there you go!
  9. His alleged victims; the one's who didn't pursue any civil or legal case at the time. H is still a sexual criminal and as such I hope he rots.
  10. One thing I didn't get about the whole thing is how the hell a guy who was sexually assaulting girls for years gets 12 months while this guy gets 5.5 yrs? And this is called justice?
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  11. Well, this is the thing. According to the report given, he didn't actually do anything with this "new" one that could be described as "illegal" so how could there have been any civil or legal case?

    In other cases, hinted at in one report, one kid's parents were informed which brings up another issue called what did they actually do, but when you add in the alleged "warnings" the school had, and never took any action until it was too late, you have to think there's a hell of a lot more to come out about this bugger and his shenanigans, and we're talking about years here.
  12. Let him without sin cast the first stone....how many out there in Areseland have not cahtted/danced/snogged with a young lady only to find at the last minute that she owns up to being under 16, or for us real oldv farts under 18! It used to be called stautory rape because the law held that a female under 16 could not be adult enough to give consent to sex. It was a form of protection for young girls. But since then how many stories have we seen of underage mums who were obviously at it long before they were 16? And yet the 'fathers' never seem to get prosecuted. Ok so it is argued that he abused his position of trust, but did she object? What about her parents, what did they do? Yes what he did was wrong, but there seems to be so much inconsistency in this area
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  13. What's wrong with kids today, can't they just put it down to practise?
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