Teenage mother in Argentina

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one-flew-over, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. 7 kids at 16

    An Argentine girl has had her 7th child and her 17th birthday is on Monday. We have this 'problem' in the UK too. Is this fair on the children, the teenager, the family or the state who has to pick up the bill?

    While people obviously have the right to have children as they choose should we in the UK relook at our benefits and housing provided to stop this being almost lucrative for certain groups or should we give the full support as we do for the benefit of the young family? I have heard teenagers say that they will get pregnent to get a house and benefits. Surely this is wrong.

  2. Despite being the father of three daughters (gawd help me) I still don't think I am qualified to comment. So why I am commenting I don't know. I think I'll go back to me plastering.
  3. And I thought the UK was a soft touch

    with 7 kids, and an apparent natural ability to churn out triplets, its this the kind of person who should be forced to take contraceptives? Didn't anyone give her some advice on contraception after the first child was born?

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  4. Sounds like the perfect candidate for British citizenship. Let's give her a house and some cash too.

    I believe that there shouldn't be any benefits for starting a family. Our country, and the world in general, is too densely populated as it is and we shouldn't encourage people to have more children by paying them each time they do. Get rid of child benefit and it'll save the Government some much needed cash.
  5. Tazzers, sweet. Pure philosophy mate, good on yer.
  6. I think a good start would be for the police to be OBLIGED to pursue charges against the father in cases where sex took place before the age of 16 (of either party). This may discourage some of them, and may imprison a few more. The opinion of the girl is immaterial, as being under the age of consent, they lack the right to consent, QED a crime has been commited.