Teenage Kids FFS!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by oldbooty, May 1, 2007.

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  1. I love them to bits and wouldnt have the little darlings any other way

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  2. No but Im well on the way

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  3. I wish I had used a condom

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  1. I know its sixteen and a bit years too late to complain but How the f@ck can they "miss the school bus" when the bloody thing stops outside the front door?!
    bejayzus Im pissed off at the little feckers

    Is it too much to ask to be ready just slightly before time? Fer FS I wish I hadnt unwrapped the brambles from round the eldest lads head when he fell of his bike at the weekend

    They had to organize and pay for the taxi tho and the wrath of god will stride through the door when I come off shift this PM.

  2. None of the above.

    Inherited mine, so I wish someone else had used a condom :twisted:

    **in case the little Demon reads this.... only kidding :)
  3. i live next door to the school, but my 12 year old STILL managed to get out of the door,all the way up the street,play footie for 20 mins and make it into registration....before realising he'd left his bag at home! Lunch,books,PE kit,the LOT! He had to step OVER the feckin' thing to get out of the door......
  4. I blame the parents.

  5. well at least he exercises!!!!!!!!!!

    take a look at yaself for fark sake.
  6. Found out today when I checked the computer history, my 14yr old son has indeed been researching for his biology homework project------ he had been looking at various porn sites! Telling his father about this he said 'good lad.' What I said in reply can’t be printed. Needless to say son is now banned from pc and thinking that broken fingers on both hands may help the situation not reoccur ???
  7. Wait till they are 19 and still living at home.......they don't even make excuses other than "I had a hangover" or "couldn't be arsed" We have ound that paying rent to us has helped no end!!!!
  8. Take the easy option I did as soon as he reached 16 get him in the Army. Saying that he's loving it and wasnt ever a real drama. Just waiting on the other two now but think Ill lock my daughter up till she's 21 and have another 9 years to wait for my little terror ooooooops I mean angel. :twisted:
  9. As I teach the little treasures I often think to myself "what if these parents had only just decided to wear a condom that night". I know I'd be out of a job, but really, some of them are just beyond belief.
    Old booty - as long as he doesn't talk back to adults and swear at his teachers be grateful. Oh, and make him walk. I used to walk 3 miles to school when I was a stinky, horrible teenager
  10. I quite agree with the father. He's showing good initiative by researching these important things using the world wide web. As for you, are you from the 18th Century by any chance? Or perhaps you'd care to sit with him to put these things "into context"! :wink:
  11. My Mrs is always a bit on the tardy side. I've found a swift finger in the bot helps to motivate her.

    The boy was being a pain the other day and not putting his coat on, so I tried the same method of a finger in the fudge. Lo and behold, it worked a treat.

    Why not try that.
  12. I have a gobby 14 yo that we were getting nowhere fast with him so i decided that daddy needed walk him to the bus give him a big kiss in front of his mates and wave him goodbye.....later that day we had a chat and i told him to screw the nut or id be doing the same everyday i was off. What a change ...... teens will do anything not to be embarrased