Teenage boy shot dead in Manchesters Moss Side

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trip_Wire, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    (Hmmm... looks like a little gun problem here and Gangs too! (T_W)

    Teenage boy shot dead in Manchester's Moss Side

    Saturday September 9, 02:26 PM

    LONDON (Reuters) - A teenage boy was shot dead in the Moss Side district of Greater Manchester early on Saturday. Police believe the youngster was targeted and was a possible victim of gang activity.

    The 15-year-old was found unconscious and not breathing in Moss Side's Raby Street shortly after receiving reports before 2.40 a.m. about an incident.

    Police said they did not believe it was a random shooting and urged people to come forward with any information that might help in tracking down the boy's killer.

    "We are keeping an open mind to see if this is linked to anything else,"Superintendent John O'Hare told reporters.

    He said officers would consider whether the murder was gang-related and wanted to encourage potential witness to step forward and not be cowed by possible intimidation.

    "I accept the fear factor of reprisals," he said, adding the police would do whatever was necessary to ensure witnesses' safety.
    "We are waiting for results of forensic examination to determine how many shots were fired."

    Several years ago Moss Side earned a reputation as a particularly run-down and violent part of Manchester. In the 1980s and early 1990s gun-crime was so prevalent it earned the city the sobriquet "Gunchester."

    While attempts have been made to improve the area, local residents complain there has been renewed signs of gang violence.
  2. I live in South Manchester and this comes to me with no suprise, the police do patrols with full fire arm loadout, not just a pistol or two. Straight away though you know its going to be drugs, they don't just go and shoot anyone there, its too risky the gangs go after each other.
  3. Now do people believe the death penalty should return? There is no deterrent to this type of criminal. Not one that outweighs the risk of getting put away for life against the gains of drug money and notoriety.
  4. Murdering a 15 year old. Look at all the kids now who idolise 'gangsta' subculture - I wonder how many realise that all they're doing is helping fuel an unhealthy state where this sort of stuff no longer raises any surprise.
  5. Absolutely correct PD. The Last Night at The Proms to a gansta' killing by children. So where is Britain at in the large scheme of things? Open question.
  6. Apparently he was called Jessie James. :?
  7. 15 year old that is a fair innings for manchesters drug fueled streets
  8. Oh bullshit. If guns were freely available it would be even worse, because every little chav would have one.
  9. I remember hearing a report in the early nineties (prior to the '93 ceasefire) that there were more illegal firearms in Moss Side than there were in Ulster.
  10. Dont we know it :eek:
  11. I'm sure this 15 yr old wasn't as innocent as his family make him out to be... I've known of younger kids dealing....
  12. Agreed, I thought just that. But it still pi$$es me off that these kids can treat UK as their very own virtual Gangsta' Play Station game. Stick 'em all on a huge boat and leave them in the middle of the ocean.
  13. Exactly - nice to know his parents/guardians knew what he got up to at 2:40am.

    Wonder how the Labour Party are going to spin this one?
  14. Being a Manc, I'm not shocked, it's been going on for years, on the bright side though, one less tax burden for us!!!
  15. Darwins theory in practice?