Teen risk from abusive bfs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Raven2008, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Once they are in the boot of a car are they defined as a girlfriend?
  2. Women eh.......complain when you dont touch them, complain when you do......!!
  3. Domestic violence affects men too....

    Bruises your knuckles. :eek:
  4. didnt a police report say something like 1 in 6 rape cases were rape and the rest were just attention seeking, lies and attempts to get an ex boyfriend arrested for no reason ?
  5. If they just shut and and did as they were told in the first place we wouldn't have to be violent!

    "only one in 17 boys reported being pressured or forced into sexual activity"

    Thats more than I would of expected, I didn't need anything more than being asked, they didn't even have to ask nicely.
  6. I prefer this statistic - 9 out of ten people enjoy a good gang rape. :twisted:

  7. Tut Tut. No once they are in the boot they have gone from being a girlfriend to being your wife unless you live in Idaho and then they're 11 year old girls who win hide and seek games.
  8. "Girls said they felt they had to put up with the abuse because they felt scared, guilty or feared they would lose their boyfriend."

    Seems like an esteem issue in the girls, they don't want to lose their first snoty nosed, nova driving chavlett.