Teen raped sheep for a whole year...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by frog_face, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Only in America,

    Why was the sheep wearing clothes? It doesn't make sense...
  2. In Wales that would be classed as commitment and as long as the sheep gave its consent and didnt say NO then he wouldnt of broken any laws. Surely the farmer could be arrested for making indecent movies without the consent of the engaged couple.

    OK its sick :x
  3. Damn, they'll be onto me next :wink:
  4. And why was it a "he" sheep? :twisted:
  5. Why was the sheep wearing clothes?

  6. I bet like a typical spam he didn't chat it up first. No standards nowadays :roll:

  7. Yeh, does that make him gay?
  8. No, the sheep was forced

  9. If this is what Mr Henderson 11 is like,what about Mr Henderson 1?
    Maybe they should enter the next Welsh sheep frightening contest,if the Welsh Assembly grant them a visa?
  10. Baaaad boy.
  11. for a whole year, mutton for punishment
  12. Nothing unewesual...
  13. How did he expect to get away with it for a year, did he really expect to pull the wool over people's eyes?
  14. In Wales the sheep have a voice that Taffy always respects unlike their American cousins :lol: [​IMG][/img]
  15. I wonder how he found the sheep in the barn....

    Very satifying?