Teen Planned To Fight British Soldiers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    A teenager who ran away from home as a schoolboy and planned to fight British soldiers has been sentenced at the Old Bailey.
    Mohammed Irfan Raja claimed he wanted to die as a terrorist martyr and has now been given two years youth detention.

    He ran away in February last year, leaving a note for his parents saying he was going to fight abroad and they would meet again in heaven.

    Raja, now 19, came home three days later after a tearful phone call in which his parents begged him to come back.


    Poor love...

  2. Should have him shot. Line them up, shoot them.
  3. Feed them to the pigs whilst alive.
  4. SILLY...LITTLE...BOY...
  5. no no no, let them have their wish, give them a weapon, half hour head start in brecon or otterburn and let slip the dogs of war.

    we could run it like a lottery or jury service, right soldier x you have been selected to go play hunter force for the latest bunch of wanabe jihadists
  6. Treason.....Hang him
  7. Don't tell me ,he got there but could not find Jihad in the phone book,hence they could not meet.
    When he said he would meet his parents in heaven did he mean the Gay nightclub. I bet he left his satchel on the bus.
  8. The little fcukwit will be out in less than two years as well. He should have been tried for treason as mentioned above. What sort of message is this pathetic sentance sending out to others who have the same mindset as this individual?

    What's going to happen to him when he is released? No doubt he will be left to melt back into the British community to plan his next terrorist activity?
  10. Sorry screwed up...

    Sounds like the Jihadist Kevin the Teenager; running away but coming back when he is cold and hungry (tea time), sniffling and wimpering.

    There was once a time when people ran away to join the circus; now it's Al Qaeda. 2 years detention seems very very leniant. The spoilt brat realised that these training camps are not Disney Land. As other posters have said, treason should be the order of the day.
  11. Hang them, end of story.
  12. I got one better. Sentence him to 2 years service in the British military. I'm sure he'd make it all the way through training <wink>
  13. Shoot him and bill his parants for the ammo.
  14. Who was he planning to actually see in paky stan? I hope he gave the intelligence services his contacts.
  15. Seconded. No excuse.