Teen killings in America (Add-on topic)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. I was going to add this in to the original thread on here but thought it may not get read as it was heading in to the realms of gun crime statistics.

    I found this article which is reportyed to be the killers 'live journal'.


    Kind of gives you an insight in to the mind of a delusional killer. Heres the last entry:

  2. This kind of thing is a relatively new phenomenon - I'm sure teen suicide has always been a problem, but what has made people want to take others with them relatively recently? What part of modern society does this to people? Is it that we live more comfortably than ever before, so have too much time to worry about stuff when 50 years ago we'd all have been working harder?

    Before the usual suspects start blaming the inanimate object used to perpetrate it, just remember that they were far more easily available 50 years ago than today, and could be mail-ordered by almost anyone...
  3. I found it a rather chilling read.

    The thoughts of an obviously disturbed young man. As Stoaty says, what then drives a person to take others with them?

    Is it a need to be recognised as someone (albeit a killer)?

    Has he been 'excluded' by family and friends? We'll never know but its all rather sad really.
  4. Perhaps kids are more self-centred these days because they have more time to sit around and feel sorry for themselves, whereas half a century ago anyone over fifteen who wasn't at school would have been working. This extra time allows teenagers (who've probably always been resentful) to plan against those they blame for their minor and mundane misfortunes while prviously they would have been too busy (and too poor to buy guns).
  5. It's not really a whole lot different from the actions of the woman here