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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StevenPreece, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Saw a cool Tee shirt the other day: Its said: Train Hard & Fight easy.

    Anyone got any other good logos.
  2. You don't fancy yourself much do you?
  3. The only fitness after army life was to get a dog and walk her every day except when working all hours god sends. Then of course there is the other type of fitness and that is lots of pint lifting and lots of sh@ging.

    Either of these has kept me fit enough after the sedate army life i lead.
  4. fittness after the army?

    no such fcukin thing for me, when i got out i was at 11 1/2 stone 28 inch waist, no arse and could run all day,
    after 8 years, most of that in the pub trade i'm 14 stone 34 inch waist and only run the last 100 yards to a boozer to get in for last orders. ffs, i get wheezy wobbling to the fridge for another beer.
    seeing i was missing the life in green i'm joining the brit TA at the moment, and fitness is the only thing i am worried about, time to get out on some LONG walks i think. :roll:
  5. Well I'm impressed and it takes a lot to impress me. WOW - a red car just went past!
  6. fitness after the army?

    i struggle doing it while i am still in :lol: :lol:
  7. I've found that running to the pub helps with my motivation (this works best if the pub is a couple of miles away). As you arrive as a sweaty, puffing monster, you've absolutely no chance of scoring though, so it's probably best doing this midweek.
  8. wow you do ninjutsu does that mean your a proper Ninja? wow!
  9. I think I'm in love
  10. Since leaving the Army I have put on about 2 stone.

    BTW Steve, whilst you are down the gym, there's a couple of 'Snickers Ninjas' doing your wife.
  11. Sad fcuk, get a life
  12. Wow mate, fancy going for a pint sometime? You sound like a blast!! cnut.
  13. Welcome to the site Steve.

    What you are experiencing is the NAAFI Bar's way of telling you that your post should have been filed in the "Health & Fitness" forum.

    Ice :?
  14. a bird tried to get me to join the local fitness first gym.......i told her i wasnt that shallow......stumped her good and fcukin proper.......
  15. A few years back my mate roped me into going to the gym with her. I suggested the one round the corner from her house...'oh no she says it's full of posers, couldn't possibly go there'. We ended up trekking to the next town (ok, trekking may be a bit of an exaggeration for a 5 mile drive, but she did have a volvo at the time!) to go to the gym her bodybuilder brother-out-law went to. Guess what? It was full of posers, they just had bigger muscles!! No problems getting on machines but you had to fight like fcuk to get anywhere near a mirror!! :roll: I swear to this day most of them were gay...