Tedious Chinese bastards


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Tonight, as happens every night, I've been yet again port-scanned by the insidious Chinese.

Happens at least 10 times per night, usually from 1 or 2 different IPs.

Is anyone else getting constant annoyance from the east?

what program are you using to bring that up?

I did have a case of those little feckers hijacking my email address and sending dozens of spam emails to all my contacts, it was along the lines of....

...Hello friend, just keeping in touch...

....By the way I just bought some electrical goods from this shop, and they are ace.Have a look at Gookfukininbred.com....

Basically screwed my account up that I have had for the last 8 years.
You've got to be careful - once they get in through an open port they'll start crawling through in their thousands to live in your loft.
Just ignore it, as long as you have confidence in your firewall. You can scan hundreds of thousands of IP addresses in seconds.

I agree with msr

This sort of thing is incredibly common, during any period of online activity you will almost always be scanned numerous times, as long as you firewall is blocking them its not an issue.

I would also suggest that the people actually port scanning may not be chinese, they are more than likely using proxys and the like so the IP you see isn't the IP of the actual scanner.

For most, average, everyday users, I suggest not installing software that notifies you of port scans because it will probably make you paranoid for no reason. Its the ones that aren't detected that are going to be a problem, not the ones you do detect.
Nothing exciting or sneaky beaky; it's my firewall which alerts me to the IP doing the snooping.
Which firewall are you using?


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I'm using BullGuard. Came with my new PC.
I'm using BullGuard. Came with my new PC.
Then buy a router quick. You should not be relying on a software firewall in this day and age.

I always knew they were out there, i have added another protective layer of foil and chicken wire to the perimeter and only go online to order from Tesco after midnight bejjing time.


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