Teddy in the Raj

On the Bear Gryrlls Wikipedia page (so it must be true) it says he considered joining the Indian Army after leaving school.

How was he going to do that exactly? I looked at the rules and the only way it seems he would be eligible is by becoming an Indian citizen or being of Indian extraction.


So he'd learn how to knock up a nice curry instead of eating random dog turds and dead cats.
Perhaps he was intending to do the former. Or more likely, it was a fanciful lie laid to snare another glossy haired impressionable PR girl. And who are we to judge? ;-)

Completely tangentially, a few years ago I met a REME Officer in the process of converting to Judaism with a view to applying to belong to a particularly fundamentalist Jewish sect. He was learning Farsi so that he could then tout his skills to the IDF, and cut about wearing a skull cap dispensing militant pro-Israeli wisdom with the zeal only a recent convert can muster.

He was also preparing to deploy to Afghanistan living alongside the ANA. Brave or stupid? My money is on the latter. Perhaps most alarmingly, he wasn't much of an eccentric by the standards of DSL at the time, which is testament to what happens when you recruit about 70% of an establishment from the TA.

...But I digress.
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