Ted Kennedy

Many moons ago,he was progressing in a big American limo towards Belfast,for a meeting.He was staying with a relative,in Dublin,who happened to be the US Amabassador there.Kennedy was very pro the Nationalists,and a catholic himself.

After the car crossed the border,it was decided by Commander 39 Bde that a snap road block should be set up in the city,to 'welcome' Kennedy to Belfast.Road block duly set up and commanded by a young parachute Sapper officer( a Cambridge boxing Blue to boot).Kennedy limo now in long queue,and rain coming down strongly.Kennedy now in queue fuming,plainclothes patrol keeping an eye on his lack of progress.

Eventually Kennedy sends a minion to contact the person i/c the snap road block.Young officer advances very slowly,towards the stretched limo with an NCO.Both have their berets pulled dwn over their eyes,to keep the rain off,badges far,far,over the left hand side of their heads.

Window of car comes down slowly.''Do you know who I am ?'' says Kennedy.Quick as a flash officer says'' Are you the guy who drove a car off a bridge with a girl?''.Window goes up fast.Kennedy took a further 10 minutes to get to the front of the block.It was imagined that he was not amused!!

Officer went down in Ulster folklore.
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