Ted Kennedy to get Knighthood


" I replied and a LI Cpl put him right "If you dont like the UK well FK off back to the USA then.
Simple but classic
Ooo that made the news".

I think I remember that episode MacSapper. I understand the Corporal was quietly but firmly told to get on message as "World Opinion" was much more important then than the lives of soldiers and innocent civiliansl
I believe there was a similar incident with the Kennedy woman who married into the PIRA where the plight of "Red Indians" and Native Americans was broached. Those sort of people were so heavily into the romantic notion of a land of "Saints and Scholars" that any reference to their imperfections went completely over their heads. Perhaps we should send Kennedy a copy of "Lost Lives" as a "going-away" present to help while away the next few weeks!


Most subscribers probably know of "Lost Lives". For those who don't it is a 1600 page book listing the names of everyone who died during the "troubles" and the incident which caused that death - and lots of other statistics.
Its full title is "Lost Lives The Stories of the men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles" - published by Mainstream Publishing Company (Edinburgh) Ltd. The ISBN is 1 84018 227X. It is probably available in your local library - or can be requested.

Kennedy probably won't have time to read it all - however he can browse and contemplate.
Punch said:
Most subscribers probably know of "Lost Lives".

Kennedy probably won't have time to read it all - however he can browse and contemplate.
If you think that festering feculant boil on the ass of American Politics would even care, your sadly mistaken.

Kennedy thinks first and foremost about Kennedy, second about getting his pecker wet, thirdly about his "legacy"(FFS they call him the "Lion of the Senate", Apparently Lion is code for Boorish Obese Drunkan Murderer). His kind dont care who dies, they're immune from all that.

Mark my words, the day he dies, My Press will go apeshyte making him into Jesus himself.

Where's a Carcano when you really need one............


Herrumph said:
Kennedy is dying and consequently is attracting a sympathy vote from the majority of Democrats

Even the Republicans are reluctant to be seen criticising Kennedy as he battles his illness.

The offer of an honoury knighthood was a calculaed move to exploit the mood of the democrats on a subject that the Republicans couldn't object to. If Kennedy wasn't ill there would have been uproar from the Republicans. The move ensured Brown's speech would be well recieved

A very cynical piece of political manoeuvering. Fortunately, Kennedy is unlikely to ever pick up his gong from HRH.
They will probably send in the daughter... cnuts one and all.
I've just looked through a list of who is getting what in the new years honours and I couldn't see his name anywhere.
GT2001 said:
Fortunately, Kennedy is unlikely to ever pick up his gong from HRH
According the Broon last week it WILL be the British Ambasador in Washington who will present the HON Knighthood.

Apart from Broons personal agenda, why did HE think that Kennedy needed to receive this honour?

Symbolism . .

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