Ted Kennedy Gets Knighthood

Discussion in 'US' started by Bumper, Mar 4, 2009.

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  3. Driven off a bridge into a river at night withthe doors locked

  1. "March 3 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy is to be
    given an honory British knighthood for his services to U.S.-U.K.
    relations and his work for peace in Northern Ireland, Prime
    Minister Gordon Brown’s office said.
    Brown will announce the award in a speech to both houses of
    Congress in Washington tomorrow, his Downing Street office said."

    An honorary knighthood for an misogynistic, apologist for
    terrorists, whose past has been tainted by scandal and allegations of
    witness intimidation and whose livelihood owes much to nepotism. How
    transparently New Labour.

    I loath that family: we should be banning them entry into the UK not giving him a knighthood.

  2. I think a knighthood for the Green job Cpl who stood up to him at a VCP in the 70's would sound an awful lot better.

    Oh, and a proper investigation into Chappaquiddick (sp?)
  3. How about we keep the British honours system to the British.

    If it is felt he made such a wonderful contribution then I am sure there is something else that could be done. Like a nice letter to his boss!
  4. :evil: :evil: f*king unbelievable!!

    surely "for services for Noraid in support of terrorist activities in NI!!"

    gordon the moron must be desparate to get up O'Bama's ass!
  5. That is actually quite offensive.
  6. Maybe this was part of the Love-In that Gordon and Obama have just had.
  7. Sounds like Brown sucking up to the Democrat old guard....
  8. KevinB is Ted Kennedy! How do I claim my £10 prize?
  9. The Kennedys = corrupt anti British trash.....much like ZANU Labour
  10. Kennedy is an abomination of a man. His father was just as bad too. He is totally self-serving and has been found to be totally lacking in moral fibre and has no idea of the truth or what it stands for.
    There is no way he should get an honoury knighthood he should be made a life peer and business secretary. Oh bugger we gave that one to the last immoral .......
  11. Hope our Betty runs the cnut through with the investiture sword. She is immune to prosecution, isn’t she?
  12. I wouldn't sell him the steam off my s..t.
    Mary Jo Kopechne for starters. This is just Gordon Brown sucking up to the Democrats. Kennedy? he has the family traits. He's corrupt and supports the IRA. Further more, I don't like him!
  13. What do people think of this?

    "Create a petition on 10 Downing Street website:

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to...repeal the knighthood awarded to Senator Edward Kennedy.

    US Senator "Ted" Kennedy is completely undeserving for the honour of a British knighthood, through his overt support, for decades, of Sinn Fein/IRA. He actively campaigned (both in the US and the UK) against British Army efforts to defeat terrorism in Northern Ireland and continued to raise funds for the IRA (through NORIAD) during the IRA's bombing campaign in mainland Britain. His knighthood would be an affront to all British servicemen and women and all British subjects who fought against terrorism."

    For those more eloquent than I (pretty much everyone) please amend.
  14. 01.04.09 is not for a few weeks yet, I mean they are having a giraffe aren't they?
  15. No point, you can't unkiss arse