Techs Who would be one?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheCountCounts, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Admitedly I'm a BiffTech but I believe its was the best thing that could of happened I mean all op trades get paid the same as them, promotion aint automatic no more if they get on the class one course and get to Sgt their career comes to an end unless they go foreman which is a joke the course including selection takes 3 years and in the meantime 3 IS supervisor courses go through and are WO2' before youve even finished. I'm far better off in my retrade of Installation Engineer me thinks.
  2. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Errrm not wanting to put my fellow geeks down here but I would have to say that there is no joke in having an honours degree. Would rather have that than quick promotion to WO2.

    You will not be in the military for ever.
  3. If you had brains you'd be dangerous. Just like all your other posts, the whole title of your thread is pointless. From April the Corps won't create any more Techs or IS Engrs for that matter, it will be creating superdooper communication systems engineers. You should probably refrain from dispensing all that wisdom you've accumulated throughout your 5 minutes in the Army and stop embarassing your fellow Inst Techs!
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    So your trying to say that not being as qualified is better than having a label? How many posts are there for Senior Inst Techs compared to FofS/ISM?

    As IS Geek said, an honours degree can't be a bad thing in life...
  5. He is one of the stupid playstation generation muppets, a waste of 02 if you ask me.
  6. work hard play hard get results, to expect promotion dream on, make the most now, get experince because Civ Div look for good people (ex-mil) so the more qual's you get the better.
  7. The fact you are a biffed tech, count, is certainly the best thing to have happened to the Royal Corps'.

    Op trades get paid the same once the Op trades have been promoted to LCpl. A feat which takes some 2 - 5 years +, by which time the Tech is a Cpl.

    True promotion is not as fast as it once was, but there you go. Unless you are a complete retard there is no real problem of getting on your T1.

    What happens after that? Well, if you are a good soldier and Tech you get your third. There are enough good blokes being promoted.

    Your believe that your career comes to a halt at Sgt unless you go FofS is wrong.

    There are many Tech SSgt slots, probably more than a few years ago. A fair few E2 slots and Techs do quite well on the RD roster. A fact possible because they arrive at Sgt sooner than others.

    That asside, the FofS course gives a Honours degree. Which is nice.

    Look at yourself and ask yourself... is it really that good. Or have I been listening to those bitter and twisted mechs not techs mongs?
  8. Count, you remind me of some of my muckers when I joined up that said "I dont want to become a tech, because I want to work for my first tape" yeah right, professional envy me thinks.

    Got to Sgt and then SSgt, took the gamble and aspired to the RD roster, showed aptitude, qualified to the hilt and wham bam thankyou a full career. Mechs are good guys, but by defacto you are competing against everybody on the RD roster. I would always recommend a Supervisory route, as it is probably the best resettlement course anybody has the opputunity to get on.

    What's your ten year plan - range warden?
  9. Fig 11 more like.
  10. Ski and Bowman an O2 Medal block for the Count me thinks would be more than appropriate!!
  11. The New CS Engineer should be interesting to say the least, at the moment IS Guys are not getting promoted from the Class 1 but there are speculations the the new guys who do the CS Engineer Class3 with get it straight. Weather this is true or not we will see but if the Sigs who are currently in the IS trade will find it hard to come off the board next year due to the amount of techs that are transferring.
  12. I still have mixed feelings about the whole Tech IS merger but its happening so I can winge all I like. I would imagine that the new CS Eng trade will get their first out of training. The current IS sigs should, in principle at least, come off the next board (unless they are completely inept).
    The alternative is everyone comes out at the bottom and has to work their way up. The same as everyone else in the corps (do Spec ops still get their first from training?). I think I prefer the first option as that would eliminate some of the resentment between LCpl/Cpl Techs and Sig IS who have both served the same amount of time and are now both the same trade. The first course goes through next year so I guess we will see what happens at the end of that.
  13. Its worked out well for all the bifftechs that went IS they will now be the same as the techs that worked harder and passed their class 3/1
  14. When is this tw@t going to get the O2 thief tag he deserves.

    If I was handed CV's for a tech and an IS eng the tech would get the job most of the time that's why they are not the same.
  15. So well that when you are competing against these harder working, dedicated guys you mention for senior promotion that you'll come out top?

    I think not!