Techs promotion......A joke!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GrenadesGoBang, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Allright we've heard them all..... however just because of the "kit they work on" or "qualls they get" doesnt mean they should get another stripe with their tea and toast every other morning. Alright 1 out of 5 is good however the rest possess common sense and drive of a yorkshire pudding
    Remember troops......"SOLDIERS FIRST"
    Opinions plz!!
  2. what world do u live on do they use chocolate for money.there is no such thing as a tech with common sense. everyone knows that techs get their second tape just for learning to wipe their own ar*e.i'm not bitter about it but i'd rather ask a class three mexican bandsman who is excused boots to do any tech job and be confident that the bloody thing works without any winging
  3. god i bet the next thread you post will be aren't tiffys worth their pay lol
  4. Bore Off. Excellent argument, well researched and thought out. I like the use of plz instead of please as well.

    I am not going to bite because I agree with soldiers first to the extent that everyone should have a basic military knowledge that is taught during courses and FTXs etc. However, we are all trained to do our own job to the required standard. Does an infantry unit have an infantryman running the cookhouse ? Can I fly a helicopter because I am the same rank as the pilot ? will a VM come and sign independent functionals on a helicopter ? Will an air tech diagnose and repair an AS90 brake fault?


    Because after phase 1 training you specialise in your own job, which to all the walter mittys who think they are capable of being infantry section commmanders after a REME JMC need to remember. It used to grip me when I heard people banging on about this rubbish, now it just bores me.

    And I have the drive of at least two yorkshire puddings !
  5. MMMMM Sounds to em old boy that the decision you made at the old army careers office was the wrong one!!! Don't blame us techs for your miss doings. Your mistake you live and grumble with it. Right is it cracker time lets hope I get my Staffy out of it!!!!!!
  6. Yaaaawwwwnnnnnnnn.

    Humph, Snowy - is this really what our forum is for? Time for oxygen thief labels to get used in anger again
  7. I know what, lets assume that it takes an infantryman a few years of on the job training to become proficient at his job, taking into account his different roles and equipment, tactics and different weapon systems(not just rifle and LSW like me ! but anti-tank, mortars etc).

    The same will apply to an air tech who will be a class 1 at about the 4 yr point. Now lets send the air tech off to become a class one infantryman first before his aircraft training, as the buzzwords are now currency and competency lets keep sending the air tech on weapons courses and infantry cadres in line with his rank. Who fixes the equipment whilst all this happens ?

    The infantry do their Job. The focus for the remainder of the the army should be to support the bloke at the front line, whether its feeding him, guarding him in a rehab area or supporting equipment that helps him defeat the enemy.

    Hence the term support arm. Why do some remfs think they are better than some other remfs, take pride in what you do because if it wasn't needed you would have been "leaned" out of a job by now.

    If you want to do my job, please do. I wont be offended if you apply for a change of trade to grab some "easy" stripes. If you want to tell me all about it whilst not knowing anything about it, then please dont.
  8. Common_sense_nco... good answer. Hope this closes another bone thread.

    GrenadesGoBang.... bone thread. If this is all you can bring to the forum (after your obvious long, varied and competent career) maybe you should bang elsewhere... the NAAFI bar for instance!! Do you have any idea how much of my extremely busy schedule is taken up by following repetitive a**se threads like this??? humph!
  9. Grenades go bang... go play with DaddyGuns in the naughty corner you can then talk about wimmin techs if you want to talk about something more interesting than this drivel. Get your act together and post something relevan/interesting or dont bother.

    I'm off for a lie down now!
  10. Thanks for the mention, i have just sifted through all of your old threads.. deadly!! A man of your standard will go far, i will stand and respect you from the naughty corner.
  11. Why thank you!, No seriously, thanks.

    I'm already in the naughty corner and never realy stray that far from it. Its just that after the recent bout of anti-bitching threads from the likes of Reme-R-us et'al, I'm now of the mind-set that, yes indeed, we do need a bit more 'substance' around here and pointless subjects that go round in circles for ever without solving anything or even getting to a sensible mature argument do nothing to support, never mind enhance, our reputation on what is a public forum.

    So I stand by what I said - leave the techs and girls alone (though not literally obviously) and lets have some more relevant, indeed solveable moaning......

    ...... or maybe not?.............
  12. I for once sort of agree with you battsimm, but blatantly slagging off peoples threads is most unsociable, if a thread is pish, then say so, but adding it with personal jibes is just unneccessary, but i hear you!
  13. I dont remember calling you a crusty old tw@t, but if I did I apologise, not whole-heartedly, or humbly, but an apology, non-the-less.
  14. here we go again!!....
  15. What? He started it, honest!