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Technology - the future

A comment from In the Cheapseats in another thread started me thinking!

Scroll forward ten years, and tell us what you think the various technologies will have given us.

:arrow: Hardware? Pentium Quad-Core @ 2THz with 32TB of RAM?
:arrow: Software? Easy to use and happy to co-exist with other programs?
:arrow: Internet? 100MB/s?
:arrow: Computer games? Will true 3D reach the home?
:arrow: In the house? Robotic housemaids?
:arrow: The car? Self-guided?
:arrow: Adrenaline sports? What will replace skiing and kite surfing?
:arrow: Women? Can we improve on the current version? :D :twisted:
:arrow: Military capabilities? (preferably rumour, guys, rather than informed comment!)
:arrow: Anything else?

PE4rocks said:
Litotes said:
:arrow: Anything else?
At the present rate, another 1000 items to the statute books for which one can be fined and or criminalised.

Oh and fuel at £2.00/l
£2.00? Surely you mean 5 Euro's a litre! (unless electric really takes off and we DO build new nuclear reactors, CHP plants etc)
Medicine - A combined cure for cancer and the common cold is discovered but it fails to get clearance under NIHCE guidelines. Microsoft patent Windows Cardio, a new pacemaker management software package. Proves incompatible with non-Windows central nervous systems and causes vital signs to crash regularly.

Military - An electronic clusterfcuk detector, designed to help armies avoid unneccesary and pointless quagmires. Prototype demonstrated near Main Building, the ensuing explosion kills 30.

Energy - A cheap and affordable source of power is discovered based on the rapid raising and lowering of the arms. Italy becomes a world leader in energy production.

Space travel - The European Space Agency sends a manned mission to Jupiter. Two years later, NASA does the same and tells everyone it was their idea all along. Hollywood remakes the story with many glaring falsehoods.

Politics - Jim Carey elected president of the remaining 15 United States. Canada invades.

Religion - God apologises for being late back from his sabbatical and proceeds to tell every religion specifically and in great detail where they went wrong. Buddhist suicide bombing reaches an all-time high.


Book Reviewer
GPS transmitters implanted under the skin (but attached to something vital so you can't hack them out). That way Golum Brown and his government can keep a track of you. (Although it'll be a dictatorship by then) Expect the chip also to have a microphone so 'They' can hear what you're saying.

By the way, I've 'aquired' a job lot of tinfoil. I'll sell you enough for your hat for £1.50.

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