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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bugsy, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Would it be possible for ARRSE to set up some sort of forum dealing with technical questions and technology, maybe called Techno Corner or something. What I mean is somewhere to put various requests for help with computers, hi-fi equipment, mobile phones, power tools, etc. It could perhaps even include cars, motorcycles, JCBs and other stuff.

    At the moment, such questions seem to crop up in Int, NAAFI and various other places, but if they were all concentrated in one forum, people would know where to look (possibly avoiding a repeat of a question already asked) and also have somewhere to put their questions and be fairly confident that they wouldn't go under in the general tussle of the other forums.

    Just a thought.

  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    There are so many IT / techno help forums out there that there seems little need to start a mini one on ARRSE - that said, a friendly green language explanation is always good and people are always helpful on here.

    Mmmmm.... more opinions?
  3. I dont think its a bad idea, i would worry about the scope though. If it were designed as a forum, with sub forums of various topics it would probably go stale and be like wading through jelly. A place to pose a quick question and get some answers wouldnt be a bad idea though. It might be an idea to trawl for arrsers who are prepared to act as SME's for various topics and publish thier willingness to help.

    Having said that, Arrsepedia and Wikipedia are good places to start when looking for an answer for something.
  4. I read it as being about kit for non military purposes rather than military stuff. Perhaps a civvy sub forum of QM's and Kit?

    (Slightly gutted by that...hoped somebody was asking for a science and technology type page :( )
  5. Hey, a Science and Technology Forum! Now there's an idea worth a thought or two. That could also include what I listed in my original post. Spot on drills there, CutLunchCommando.

    What do you think, GCO?

  6. I nominate Boney as mod of the new 'geek' forum - on condition that he get's an avatar!
    I'm willing to answer questions as & when I can but time is precious nowadays so I can't spend as long on ARRSE as I once did.


  7. Is that better BFG? I lost heart with the whole avatar thing when i lost my photo of shagging skeletons, which i cant find again. My pup will have to do.
  8. I second that one BFG, geek he might be but he is a helpful one and could be put to good use as Geek Forum least he will be doing something useful! :wink: