Hey arrsers, just want to know whats better. Continuely running a distance like 3 miles or running full speed and working the distance up till you reach a good distance?
Neither. Look up Fartlek training on google and learn....
It depends on what you're trying to achieve? If you are a specialist runner (eg. 5km races) then you'd train to that distance, and a little bit more.

Are you trying to prep for a BFT? Cardiovascular fitness? Or just trying to imrove your running stamina?
You'll also be suprised how much faster you will get if you stretch regularly
Include a tempo run, speed session and a long run into your week of training. If not, just cut the tempo session for a speed session but keep the long run, it will do wonders for endurance. Be sure to run slower than normal on the long run but for longer e.g.7-10 miles.

Neither. Look up Fartlek training on google and learn....

Whole heartedly agreed, spot on.
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