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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Tech Trg

    has anyone used these for resettlement. :?: :?: :?: :?:

    looking at doing the air con cse BUT they seem expensive for what they are offering.

    any info is appreciated.

  2. I am pretty sure that they offer a Air Con Cse through the Resettlement courses arena, try CTP Website. I remember it being on offer when I got out last year. It's worth a look.
  3. it says none are being run within the next 12 months & i have 8 left.
  4. I’m prepared to be corrected, but it was my impression that CTP was open to you for up to two years after finishing the service! On one of the CTP courses I did there was a WO who had been out for 5 months and a Navy guy who had been out for quite awhile also.

    In your first post you say Technique Traning were expensive..........there BLOODY expensive!!!! Try else where (unless your sh1t!ng dimonds :twisted: , before paying through the nose)

    Have you looked on the ELC web site to find a aprovider and combining that with your IRTC grant for accom etc?

    Thats how I re did my Compex 1-4 and 7+8?

    Best of luck anyway
  5. they insist that you find a cse within 50 miles of a military camp now so that you can commute daily, cnuts, all about not wanting to pay accm charges nowadays.

    i have done compex also, handy for the rigs.

    cheers fo the heads up anyway.

  6. I don’t want to sound that I’m teaching you to suck eggs…..

    I know they insist it's within 50miles (cnutz) but there might be no military base within the 50 miles area (say North of the border) or get the Unit local to where the course is for a Accommodation none availability chit that will cover you and then allow you to use IRTC for Accommodation etc, and you should be fine! Like I said not preaching or teaching you to suck eggs :p

    That’s how I ended up doing for my Compex courses in Feb. Courses £2100(ELC), Accom £1000 (12 nights) + food, MMA + IRTC money… in the end cost me less than £150 for it all!

    When I’ve done CTP courses down in Aldershot as soon as you contact the Accom people (Sodexo) in Aldershot and tell them it’s for Resettlement you will automatically get a none availability chit as ‘Military accommodation is not conducive for learning’!!!! So, so much for the 50mile rule!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you doing AC for the Sandpit or the UK market?

    EDIT BIT : I’m off to a 40th wedding anniversary do tomorrow and there may be a guy there and I’ll ask him where he sent his people... sorry to drone on
  7. mainly for the sandpit as i have been offered work out there as a sparks already.

    tried looking but they are all fecking expensive & all i want is another string to my bow.

    any info would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Sorry, no joy, but I will keep my ears open.