Technicolour Yawn

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GrumbleWeed, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. made a single handed attempt to rid the pub of amstel beer last night
    i must have ralfed a bit in me sleep and i woke up with me head stuck to the pillow. superb.
    I also discovered that i was sharing the bed with a massive pizza box which was strangely empty. I then found the best part of ten crusts and two slices strategically placed in the bed.

    After drinking 4 pints of freshly squeezed cow juice, i attempted to get up- managed to blow chunks a couple of times and then rang the doris to see if i could go over there for some grub and a bit of kip (in a bed without pizza and barf in it)

    Clambering into me trusty naziwagon bm, i managed to get most of the way to hers without feeling to kippered.
    Unfortunately, i went over a bump and i had to lean out of the window to shout soup into the following traffic. I went all over a car behind and only slightly covered the belgrano in honk.

    i hope everyone else had such a productive weekend.