Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smoojalooge, Feb 11, 2005.

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  2. coz u can't turn caps lock off ??
  3. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Becuase your job is obsolete - long live Bowman and it's 3 year warranty :lol:

    Get yourself re-named to Sys Eng Tech (GS). It's the way forward for modernisation apparantly... :roll:
  4. Hmmm and who's gonna fix it when it breaks 3 days after its warranty, Dam bugger thats me thinking again. I'll have to put a stop to that.
  5. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    That'll be your local friendly Sys Eng Tech (GS) as apparantly we don't need Radio or Sys Techs any more 8O One operator to break...erm...operate it all and one tech to fcuk it all up even more :wink:

    Anyway I though it was corps policy to build up a trade group so much that there where 200+ over the required number...
  6. PK wrote

    I think you're a bit under on that figure!!!

    Isn't it closer to 500+!!!!

    Anyway, I heard they're going to sack all the Operators and have Operator/Maintainers like the Navy/RAF. Any Ops that can't complete the Tech course will be posted to the Infantry to make up numbers. Or the Int Corps'. Mechs/Inst Techs combine with RSigs Electricians. Rsigsdrivers combine with the blanket stackers. 3 easily managed trades. Sorted.
  7. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Yeah, I had heard something along those lines. Loads of 'super' trades.

    As for numbers I couldn't say, probably remembering the wrong numbers from the MCM Div Roadshow - twas a bit hazy that day :oops:
  8. The following details are to the best of my knowledge... a load of sh1t
    Although I to have heard a few rumours that may or may not roughly correspond with above statement.
  9. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    :lol: Duty rumours - gotta love 'em

    Think about DC generators and everything will work out fine :roll:
  10. i understand the bit about obesolete equipment but we've got hardly any system techs ever the sprogs out of bland or should i the artists formely known as phase 2 traineys are guard force because blandford don't run enough equipment courses.

    and operator maintainers have you seen the quality of operators coming out of blandford now half 'em need to call a tech to wipe there arrse and it has to be me to go out cos there aren't enough spaces on the arrse wiping equipment course for the class 3's to get quilified

    oh well i'm off to blandford soon then i'll really have something to moan about
  11. Don't do it son, it's not worth it!!!

    No Bonus, no rank on completion, place is run by co*ks from CO down. and when you have finished, no posting.

    TRA to the infantry while you still can.

    I am lost, I have gone too far!!!
  12. And tell your sister...

    You were riiigghhhttt!!!

    You were ri..uht.
  13. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    I think what you're getting at here is Tech training?

    Techs now leave Blandford as qualified basic fault finders which amounts to the square root of fcuk all. Now they have to go on 'operator arrse wiping courses' ,as you said, to learn about the equipment after spending a set amount of time in a working unit learning hands on.

    Whilst this isn't the most efficient way of training techs in that you are getting untrained personnel in working units I think that at the end of this you are getting a higher quality of tech because of the hands on training in a unit which cannot be taught at RSS.

    Just on a side note, if anyone who teaches the PTTE course at Blandford is reading this people need to learn about power faults as these are the most common faults found in a Ptarmigan unit and not spending all day learning about daisy chaining staff vehicles...

    Back to the thread...

    My understanding is that all techs (systems and radio) are being almagamated into one trade that is Sys Eng Tech and then they will specialise in a certain area such as MAPPS or Trunk Engineer. When they get posted to a different unit they will go to Blandford on the relevant course or recieve in unit training. I belive the same will happen with Bowman and Cormorant (?) when their warranties run out in that techs will go to Blandford to complete the relevant 'skills' course as and when their units requires them to.

  14. Very very true, Ptarmigan power faults are a large reason my hair stands on end so much, had to learn the hard way. Nowt like fixing a radio relay power fault in the rain to wake you up in the morning.
  15. Cos they all went skiing 8O