Technicians - Have you served long enough

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 18yrs_on, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. I find it incredibly strange that every oppurtunity people slag off techs whether it has anything to do with the subject or not.
    Have any of you out there who do this actually served long enough to know the history behind this or are you just sproglets jumping on the band wagon to make yourself feel big and proud and in with the crowd. :twisted:
  2. A reasonable call. Met some decent Techs and they get a lot of flak. Mainly it's by people who never had the option to take that easy route and are only aware for the techs fast track to three tapes and silly money.

    I've slagged them down a lot in jest, but as I joined the R Sigs in 79 and got out way back in 88, I've done my time so I can.
  3. Tech bashing goes way back and is related (mostly) to pay and rank.

    As the Techs were on T trade pay they were grossly overpaid than their A and B trade pay breatheren.

    Also the accellerated Promotion (sugarpuffs packet) without having to do Promotion course first was an issue for us Corps mere mortals. You have to remember that on the old style Det Cmdrs course as a Tech full screw this course would lead you into the mess where as for others it was a road to promotion to full Cpl.

    It is just Corps banter and long may it last. A clever Tech always knows how to rebuff such attacks anyway.
  4. Glad to say was asked at Blandford about how the techs should be promoted etc and well to say that the recent change is not too far arf what my views were.
    But it stiil doesnt stop the wasters getting through and god knows ( thankyou mother) there are some at this unit that are real oxygen thiefs.
    But then again good to see that the hierachy wont promote them if they arent good enough.
  5. As I've always seen it this is the way it has to be. Most of these people, once trained caould sign off/PVR and go out and earn a hell of a lot more than a fullscrews wages, with a lot less of the hassle. The corps needs them and the only way to keep them is pay.... the only way to keep them well paid is quick promotion.

    Where things go wrong is when they are treated like real NCOs and have to do some of the things that they don't get to practice, or just as bad think they can get away with or are put in a position where they have to dicipline somebody who hads been in the system a lot longer than them.

    Sometimes it's their own fault, sometimes it's not, but always it's the system athat the problem.

    The only way to prevent it is to lock them in the tech wksps and once they make it to Sgt have a tech annex in the mess.

    Until then there will always be the idiot who steps out of line because they got in 7 years what others had to earn in 12+.
  6. In the system for longer!!!!! :evil:
    So the only time that your rank counts is if you are in authority over people less time served than yourself??? So that means that a Tp Comd cannot invite anyone in for an Interview without coffee, 4 Sqn Instructors cannot instruct anyone who has been delayed on attending career coursed (15 year Sgt on a Sgt's course , being taught by a 10 Year Sgt for example). Get over yourself. I'm sure that everyone is happy for a SSgt Foreman or Yeoman to carry the can if things go wrong, without bleating on about their lack of seniority.

    In fact sod it, Promote everyone on time, therefor you could never have served more time than someone senior in rank to you. OK we would have less quality WO and SNCO's slipping through the net, but at least there would be equality across the board. (Anyone know any regiments with vacancies for 16 WO1's per chance? We all know the system isn't perfect, but we all have different skill sets and sit the same tests in the careers office.

    Real NCO's My ARRSE... You wear the rank , get the pay, accept the responsibility, or you eventually get filtered out. Theres nowt pretend about my rank, and if an operator Cpl thinks him in some way superior to a Tech Cpl, then maybe they should look at our Infanteer counterparts. Same Rank, different rules of engagement. 1 Cpl and 1 Lcpl to 8 Siggies, I think people would soon bitch then...
  7. Whats wrong with 7 years and why just pick on Techs, why not the other arms? If memory serves me correctly if your in the inf you should be aiming to get your CSgt around when your 30 years old. I don't think I remember a Pln Sgt that was over 30
  8. Im sure the RMP's and Divers get a stripe straight out of training!
  9. Shows what you know, everybody knows we get our rank from frosties packets.

    Yes and long may it rule. Fcuk it if the tech cant handle a bit of banter and the op/ed/liney/mech/storeman cant handle getting hit back then neither of em should be doing it. I do enjoy witnessing when someone hits a tech with the wrong put down and he snaps and really puts them back in their place.

    I'm thinking back to a certain rooftop in Basrah now, gee that was fun.
  10. well she did have an iq of 86 and should have been working in a supermarket and i think and would have been funnier to let me throw the operator off the roof.

    Have beer will travel availble for weddings, bar mitzvahs and childrens parties
  12. Speaking as an ex-Tech old sweaty git, you are correct in the belief that this is the way it has always been. Other trades ARE jealous - to the extent they invented a techs only Mil Trg course mid way through the T3....just for morale. But that was in the Late 70's early 80's, I'm sure it is easier now........... :lol:
  13. Well, most Corps have got the 'ideal' promotion pyramid diagram thingy where you go up every three years or so - get lance-jack at 3, full screw at 6, sgt at 9, ssgt at 12, WO2 at 15, WO1 at 18.

    That puts you on track to be a Sgt at 27 and a Staffy at 30 as long as everything goes well. My Pl Sgt at 1 RHF was 23 yrs old - and a damned good soldier (with a Freddie Mercury moustache) - I think he's a Major now and not quite 40!

    Check out the RSigs promotion zone diagram:
  14. You actually mean Freddie Mercury, don't you? That's supposedly what they all call him behind his back. I only know of him because he was supposedly one of the most violent fcukers you'll ever encounter before he got his LE. Last I heard, he's got his sights set on Light Colonel.