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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mollzers, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. I have seen how the techs have had a good slagging in a few of the other threads and i am curious, indeed quite interested if anyone has a genuine solution to this age old problem!

    How would you do it???

    If you have an idea of how to pay techs without having to promote them,
    ( a method of pay compensation in the form of an add pay or suplimentary pay etc etc)???

    would the techs then sit on the same promo boards as everyone else,? ??etc etc

    I would be very interested to hear what your solutions would be, and ways around the problems that are faced at present!

    It would be a solution to keep everyone happy all of the time!

    If you are going to write "kill them all" or "put them in a big liquidiser" then please just dont bother as there are enough threads for that,

    But if you have a way!! Iwould realy like to hear it!!

    Regards!!!! MOLLZERS!!!!!
  2. Well it has been dealt with?!?!?! They no longer get promoted on time!
  3. At this moment in time the Techs do not sit on the same promotion board as the rest of the Corps. Which is a good thing because a high percentage of Techs would not even make the grade. Thier pay is the same as most of the other trades in the Corps. A lot of Techs are jumping ship and going down the IS route. So, the Tech trade cant be all that good. They do not receive any quals for thier class 3 but they get some tin pot HNC for the Class1 course. Lets face it, the quality people in the Tech roster are the 264/216 guys. These people are without doubt putting a lot of whinging Technicians to shame by getting involved in a lot more out of Class activities. This shows that either the 264/216 Techs are super robots who find the course a piece of P*** or the MOaners of the trade justdo not want to help any one else but themselves. Bring on the Brown letter!!! :lol:
  4. marathon man and bored of signals..

    Is this though not a temporary solution to an ongoing larger problem!

    love them or hate them there is a requirement for them! what would happen if they all left???


    I can see how the promotion board thing would work, but why get paid the same as everyone else?
    surely they must get something for the amount of school work? or why bother??? can you see my point?
  5. To tell you the truth there is no incentive to be a Tech in the Corps these days. The only Techs worth their weight in salt are the REME Tels Techs.
  6. Is this not the same for all trades?
  7. Hate to admit it but if I could go back thro the years - I'd join as a Tech but why do that these days. RS Op Cpl in charge of people (responsibility) or Tech Cpl in charge of a soldering iron?
  8. This seems to be the concensus of opinion that there is no point whatsoever being a technician, but surely the recruits comming through should be made aware of what awaits them?

    If they are expected to do considerably more work than any other trade in training, surely they should be informed of this, rather than 'sucker punched' once they have already agreed to their chosen trade?

    This can only lead to more future problems surely?

    Now i hope we agree that being a 'trainee (phase 2 or 3)' is not the most pleasant of pastimes, and we all like to get it over quickly, however getting a three month course over and done with is a great deal different to a year of it!!

    These young soldiers expected to go through it , to be financialy held up because of it, doesnt seem right to me!!

    If the techs are not wanted then why are they still being taken on???

    I am sure they would go for another trade if they knew the truth about it! Dont you??
  9. Ok so RTG deserved to be paid well but what about the new trades. AS Op should it be low or high pay band? I'd want it high but I think the trades been watered down somewhat.
  10. So, just cause I aint the fittest bloke on parade and done courses I aint a quality tech???

    My name, as has many otheres been on exactly the same volunteer list. The only difference is the 216/264 lads take on lessons due to a firmer grounding in 'Green' things. Which to be fair is the way it should be.

    Theres nothing like a steroetype is there. Have you not read the thread about wingeing about flatcap berets?

    One word to describe you....


  11. Blimey! A thread about techs that isn't turning in to a slagging match!!! Micracles do happen :D

    One simple solution is to pay the techs what they are worth but make them work for the rank.

    As I have said on a different thread; Dental, Medical and EOD officers are all paid the wage of the next rank up. Now that OR pay scales are similar in structure to the officers pay scales could this not be implemented for OR techs also?

    On leaving Blandford they would be Siggies but paid as L/Cpls. On promotion they could be paid as Cpls or moved 2 or 3 increments on instead of just 1. And so on.

    However, care would have to taken in ensuring that the techs were given a fair crack of the whip at getting experience. As has been mentioned they spend 2 years + in Blandford training. This puts them at a disadvantage to other trades.

    The reason so many techs are retrading is because, due to no fault of their own, they are stuck behind a massive glut of people. The postings for them have all been filled, leaving only uncertainty, and a rumour of "holding" posts what ever they are!!.

    I myself retraded, because at the time there was a big drive to bring up numbers in the Tech roster. There were many other TG ops doing the same. Some have since returned to the TG roster (or RS) because they feel let down that they now have hit another wall in their careers.

    The last one would have been they were not going to get on their RS Op Class 1s because of the amount of Rad Ops that had to get through to get them to TG 2 standards!!!

    Some techs are leaving because of this glut, others because they are IT minded and should have been pushed towards IS Op in the first place, but the Corps' hadn't sorted out the IS roster at that time. Also I think there is some kind of bonus for completing the IS trade where as the Techs bonus is now gone. Some will have been swung by this, it is inevitable.

    Sadly, another reason some are retrading (and I saw this at my last unit first hand) is that they don't want to be in Blandford for a whole year. Sad but true.

    And lastly Tels Techs are REME, they are third, or at a push 2nd, line techs so have a completely different skills base to Royal Signals Techs. Who operate at 1st and 2nd lines, mostly. So they can't really be compared. I've worked with them both and find good points and bad points about both.

    Chocy Frog
  12. Sorry, hadn't seen Tiprats entry as I posted.

    Tip mate, try not to stir things up. He's probably baiting you anyway.
  13. Tip Rat, have I touched a soft spot?? :roll:
  14. Agree, maybe we are stuck with an old fashioned rank system that doesn't suit modern times. I sometimes see techs as a trade stuck between operators and officers, so it doesn't apeall to civies. As TA I can't understand why people have gone the tech route, if they were reg yes ... getting a good trade/skills for civvey life. I've seen so many techs who'd have been a lot better off going operator (their career is being delayed because they aren't operators - we're working in reverse operators get fast promotion techs don't)
  15. Over a short period of time the TECH trade has lost a lot of respect. The Tech trade as a whole have very young and inexperienced NCO's who believe that they are above all other trades. They now sit on a QAB and they have also lost the FRI. What will they lose next. The job just does not have the prestige that it used to have 10-15 years ago.