Technician Class One.... Is it worth doing anymore?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by he_man, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. With the Bonuses out the window and the way the Technician Trade is heading... wheres the incentive to do the Class One? Theres no guarantee of getting on your class 1 after doing your entrance. It just seems to me they dont want you doing it anymore. Do you still have a time bar on completion of the course? Not to sure about that one. What I am definately not sure of, is whether to do my class 1 or re-trade/re capbadge etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Another one for you..... where did the fun go as a Tech? All the decent jobs are done by other trades now. All me and my colleagues seem to do is tidy up and hump and dump!! Great fun eh?

    A Very Anxious Technician
  2. Have you read what the Royal Signals head man in Glasgow says about this in the current issue of the Wire? If not, then you should check it out if you actually want answers.

    If you aren't really after answers (and now I think of it, just how hard is it to find out about time bars if you get off your arrse and ask your unit?) then that would make you another embarassing Corps whiner. In that case, pick your new cap-badge or your favourite job-centre and keep walking. You won't be missed.

    Oh, and what a great first post. Not.
  3. Whoaaaa!!!! Chill Out Donny!!!!

    You'll get a Hernia!!!!

    I've tried finding out about the time bar issue from my unit but no one was of any help so I thought i'd post the question on here. So more helpful people out there could give me some more advice. Unlike the wnakers like yourself.

    I take it your no Tech!!!

    Always the same attitude problem......

    Why so bitter??? You bullied at school?? It would explain a lot...
  4. he_man, I'm about to complete my class 1 and i'll have a time bar. The incentive is rather simple really, do your class 1 to progress in the corps. It's not thatthey dont want you doing it its that they have enough now so they can choose to filter out the dross and send them off to other trades. The impression i'm getting off the information i've got is if you dont do your class 1 then you will very quickly find yourself being told to retrade and having the option removed. Remember the corps is surplus over 400 class 2 technicians yet down in storeman. wonder what your option will be.

    My advice, give it a go whats the worst it can do, you pass you get time barred but by then you should be looking for your 3rd and pushing yourself as a class 1. If you fail then you have to retrade which is what you would have to do if you didnt attempt it anyway
  5. he-man hand in your sword to man at arms !
    yet again some good advice from bully! take note give it a go after all what have you got to lose?
  6. Cheers for the heads up bully......

    I'm at the point now where I need to make the decision. Class 1 entrance coming up. I should pass quite well. The thing i'm concerned with now is the Foremans course. Obviously with the surplus Class 2&3 Techs ... do you think it will be pretty much the same case in a few years with all the Class 1's to Foremans course???

    (Please note: I am not whinging as the second post suggested. I am concerned about my career. I want to make the right choice.)
  7. sham he can only manage intelligence via the internet
  8. I think the bull sums it up quite well there. There is life beyond the class 1 point, progression to the Foreman roster, promotion, higher standard of living, Mess life, extra responsibility (if you dont thrive on that, dont bother) etc, etc.

    If you in the frame of mind that a return of service for the course is something you wouldnt be comfortable with, re-think your situation. Theres little worse in the Troop than a soldier who is just biding their time and isnt interested. Oh, and if the 10 grand FRI was a sole motivator for doing your class 1, unlucky. It fcuked up your tax anyway.

  9. I dont think it will be, i think (hope) the guys in glasgow have learned from their mistakes which is why it is now getting more difficult to get on your class 1 in the first place. competition for the foremans course is very strong anyway it has to be to enable only the best to get through. When your here doing your foremans course is the last thing you want to do, but it's important to keep your head up and not let this place get to you. This will sound daft but try to keep the foremans course out of your mind. Get through this before getting stressed out over the next bit. If you approach the course worrying about what will happen to you in 4 years time then your head wont be on the course.
  10. Cheers great advice Bully...

    Tonnes better than what ive been told at my unit. Their useless. Better get my head in the old books then for november.

    Thanks again...

    A more confident Tech...
  11. If you're still on he-man.

    Go for your T1, if that is what you want to do. I finished mine a while ago, and got my sgt at the end. It's much better than being a Cpl, mess life is tops. If your sole motivation for being a tech is financial then you need to think hard about staying in the trade.

    If you haven't got your Sgt, then work hard and get yourself off the board prior or during your T1. Suggest a few mil skills or Adv Trg courses.

    But don't despair if you don't come off straight away.

    Only the dross need worry about continuation in the trade. I worried and then achieved the top score in my crammer, and on my T1. As for FofS, don't worry the corps' is looking right now to remove the 400 odd excess techs. I can't garuntee you a FofS place but you stand just the same chance as the rest of us.

    If you have any more dramas and wish to talk away from others then PM the bull or myself.

    Good luck on your crammer mate.
  12. OK, sorry - I read your post as the start of another whine on the Signals board, and I got it wrong by the look of it. Not the first time :oops:

    I'm not a tech, but I do see the good ones getting through Class 1 and progressing, some down the FoS route and a few to RD. Either way they're useful people to have around: The engineering skills of the good techs and Foremen, and especially the network management expertise they pick up, means the future of the roster is safe, even if it is going to change over the next few years with Cormorant, Falcon and so on.

    I was serious about looking at what Col MCM Div has written in the current Wire - he kills some of the rumours that are doing the rounds and what he says is straight from the horse's mouth. And the key bit of what he says is that techs who'll put the effort in to getting through entrance and Class 1 are as safe as they've ever been. If you're up for that, then good luck. And don't get too despondent if it isn't too hot where you are just now. There are plenty of postings where you'll enjoy both the job and the place.
  13. I'm a Tech Sgt at BLandford at the moment, its worth doing, no question about it. If you want a career in the Corps then its the only way to go. The advice about discarding thought on the FOS course was bang on, its a long way off and can be quite de-motivating.

    Perhaps the glut of techs and the difficulty/competition for the T1 could add some real prestige to it.
  14. Get your arrse on that crammer, lad. If you don't you WILL be kicked out of your trade sooner or later. At least if you get through the T1 then if you don't want to go FofS you still have the option of RD or up to Staffy-in-trade. It's a no-brainer.
  15. My advice to he-man is to do his class one, too many people out there in the tech world claim that they are good enough to pass their class one and then sign off. The only way to prove you are good enough is to do it!! Remember that time bar or bonus (or lack of it) are side issues, the main reason to get your class one is to get promotion to Sgt. Before anyone moans about the QAB, this IS a necessary measure to ensure that the Corps controls the type of technician SNCO that they wish to employ. Why should a soldier be promoted purely on their academic ability? Take a short term hit, do the class one and then improve th system by doing something positive to effect a change. Alternatively, retrade and take even longer to get your class one qualification.