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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dazed_and_Confused, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have the career path or relevant information relating to the career progression for Technicans within 2 Signal Brigade?

    I have been training to get the details within my unit but it has been short in coming to be honest. I have also checked the PDR Specialist section but it seems to lack the specifics I am looking for.

    Any information or guidance that could be provided would be most appreciated.

  2. i was going to be going down that route.

    then i was told a week or so ago before my trade camp that i have to do 6 months worth of training, attend an interview and do various other things

    bit of a hassle so im going to do my trade as an operator with the idea to retrade next year
  3. I believe you need to have a suitable civilian qualification. The TA can't take anyone with zero skills and train them, their isn't enough time.

    I would be cautious about going down the tech path, we don't any techs at the mo and it isn't causing any problems. We do have the odd operator that can solder and that seems to be enough.

    The trade is in units to primarily fix NCRS, we don't have them anymore so why have techs. IS Eng would be far more useful (which I believe is going to be an add on to the operator trades)
  4. i have a degree in computing mate with a bit of engineering thrown in. i also work in IT in civvy land

    i was very interested in the IS eng but i was told it doesnt exist in the TA. i also got told that being a tech is the closest i would get to it
  5. and what makes you think that the TA will use your skills and knowledge, don't be suprised if they try and point you to Chef/cook.

    They will then use medics, storemen and drivers with no fulltime civvy job to man the IT kit.

    no joke seen it done in 2 Bde Lots of times.

    also Chefs are on a higher/equal pay bracket than techs!!!

    :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
  6. they wont put me down that road becasue we have already got a few chefs, medics etc at the sqdn (fingers crossed though :? )

    and why would they bother training me up to be a chef when i could do a much better job as as operator/tech/IS engineer (i presume as i cant do **** all else).

    ive also been working with the techs when i go away at weekends and wednesday nights. im already booked up on my Operator trade course but only becasue i dont want to put off my trade for 6 months to train - if needed.
  7. My problem is that I have the civy qualifications, passed my Class 3 Course last July, have my Class 2 task book finished, completed my driving including my FM/T 600 but still know one can tell me what is required for promotion and progression.

    I thought I was alone in being kept in the dark but perhaps many other seems to be in the same position?
  8. I work in ICS/IT for a defence contractor and was told my quals were not suitable for tech (but that varies between units according to what your FofS says).

    Looking back I made the correct decision by going operator, being tech would have meant transferring to a HQ Sqn 70 miles if I had wanted to go FofS.

    Our operators do exactly the same job as techs when we work with IS (REEBOK)

    Dazed and Confused,

    In my unit you would have already done enough to get your LCpl (class 3 and DITS)
  9. Thanks polar, thats what I thought. I'm just so frustrated with the complete lack of information that being feed down from within my unit.
  10. I spent 9 years as an electronics techie in the RAF, still never made it to rsigs tech
  11. Have you knocked on the PSAO 's door and asked him for any help. Speak to the FofS,YofS they may be able to help. If you are not satisfied with this you should put pen to paper and stick it in the mailing slot of your line manager who should do his/her best to help you, (keep a copy,just in case!) i find other units web sites or the army web site will help you. If you warrant and meet all the criterias then you should pursue this. Don't forget it's beer tokens at the end of the day and YOU should look after your own career because nobody else will.
    I hope this will help some, if not get in touch and i will interrogate the the thicknicians this end.